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Buildings are the constructed elements that make up a colony. Buildings provide living accommodations, protection from enemies and the weather, and various vital functions for the colony.

Buildings that are owned by the colony can be deconstructed; or copied by clicking the [Build copy] button.

Buildings owned by an enemy faction on a local map can be claimed once the enemy are all defeated. Once claimed, the buildings are free to be used by colonists, or deconstructed.

Certain buildings have an option to Uninstall them or Reinstall them at a new location, a task carried out by constructors. An uninstalled building is converted to a minified item and can be sold to traders or reinstalled at another location.


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Building Materials

The material a building is made from drastically changes all statistics it has. Note that all those statistics are separate from the actuall material values itself.

Among the more important ones are Flammability and Market Value. A soft stat of sorts is the local availability, as not every materials is equally likely in every world tile and many might have uses for more important stuff then building

Picking the right material is second only to picking the right Item to build in the first place.

  • Beauty relates to how much Pawns like seeing that item.
  • Market Value The market value per full unit. The effective Market value of an Item is based on the cost of all the materials and the work to make.
  • Hitpoints The amount by which maximum Hitpoints for the Item is multiplied.
  • Flammability How likely the item is to catch fire.
  • Build time The multiplier is applied to change the time it takes to build something out of the specified material. As such it directly affects the Market Value of the item.
  • Door Open Speed how quick the door is to open.
  • Rest modifier how quickly pawns rest in a bed made from this material.

Material Beauty Offset Beauty Multiplier Market Value Hitpoints Flammability Buildtime Door Open Speed Bedrest
Silver 6 2 10 0.7 0.2 1 1 1
Gold 12 4 100 0.6 0.2 0.9 1 1
Steel 0 1 1.9 1 0.2 1 1 1
Plasteel 0 1 14 2.8 0.1 2.2 1 1
Wood 0 1 1.2 0.4 1 0.7 1.2 1
Uranium 0 0.5 60 2.5 0 1.9 1 1
Jade 6 2.5 50 0.5 0.2 5 1 1
Sandstone Blocks 0 1.1 1.9 2.4 0 5 0.45 0.9
Granite Blocks 0 1 2.1 1.7 0 6 0.45 0.9
Limestone Blocks 0 1 1.9 1.55 0 6 0.45 0.9
Slate Blocks 0 1.1 1.9 1.3 0 6 0.45 0.9
Marble Blocks 0 1.35 1.9 1.2 0 5.5 0.45 0.9

Wood is the starter material. It is very quick to process, is naturally present in most biomes and has a very low market value. Unfortunately it is also the most flammable and least durable of them all.

Steel as with any other case, the most average material against which all others can be compared. Due to its high usability in crafting, it is often not adviseable to make the bulk of a colonies structure from it

Stone Blocks are fully resistant to fire, but long build time and poor comfort.

  • Granite is the most durable, perfect for building defenses.
  • Marble offers the highest beauty, making it ideal for furniture and in particular art.

The remaining materials are often way too valuable, rare or expensive to be practical.