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A spacer-tech shuttle designed for transit between surface and orbit, or between moons of a planetary system.

Base Stats



5 × 3
Destroy yield
Uranium 50 + Plasteel 50 + Component 4 + Steel slag chunk 4

Shuttles are vehicles that can carry pawns and items. When landed on the ground, they are treated mechanically as a type of building.


Shuttles are used to collect and/or deliver pawns in quests[Which?][Who?] and are called by the Call Transport Shuttle permit. Empire faction bases will also sometimes[Always?] have a shuttle sitting on a floored landing zone defined by four ship landing beacons - the shuttle will fly away soon after the player's pawns enter the map,[Verify] but the shuttle can be destroyed if action is taken fast enough.

If there is a functional landing pad, set out with 4 Ship landing beacons placed in at least a 9x9 area, shuttles will attempt to land on that pad, if possible. This does not apply to crashed shuttles, which will land in a random spot on the map. Crashed shuttles only ever spawn as a result of the quest - damaging or destroying a shuttle does not create a crashed shuttle in its place.


A shuttle called by permit will transport colonists, items, and animals on a one-way trip to anywhere you like within 70 world tiles. The shuttle can hold a total of 1000kg when loaded on a colony map, but as of 1.2.2900, it ignored this weight limit when called for a caravan on the world map.[Quest behavior?]

When a functional shuttle is destroyed, it drops Uranium 50 uranium + Plasteel 50 plasteel + Component 4 components + Steel slag chunk 4 Steel slag chunks. Crashed shuttles, yield Plasteel 35 plasteel + Steel 20 steel + Component 5 components when deconstructed.


Version history[edit]

  • 1.1.2563 - Now avoids landing on crops.
  • Possibly 1.3.3066 - Plasteel yield increased from 35 to 50.
  • 1.3.3066 - Shuttles leave 50 uranium instead of 100 steel when killed. Refactored shuttles into generic Transport ships. These ships follow a series of jobs which can be controlled by quest logic, UI, and Lords. Transport ships are tracked while flying, loading, unloading, etc.