Archotech tower

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Archotech tower

Archotech tower

A moderately-sized archotech tower rising from the ground. Traces along its surface glow steadily with a strange color. Humans can only begin to guess at its purpose.

Base Stats



5 × 5

Archotech tower is a structure added by the Ideology DLC.

They are one of a number of archotech structures, alongside the major archotech structure, grand archotech structure, and archonexus core, which are intermediate steps for the endgame quest The Archonexus.


Archotech towers have no apparent function. They cannot be attacked, destroyed, or deconstructed by any means.

4 Archotech towers are placed near the major archotech structure when you begin the first part of the archonexus quest. 6 of them appear near the grand archotech structure of the third part of the archonexus quest, and more when you finally get to the archonexus core.

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