Pod launcher

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Pod launcher

Pod launcher

A fueling port for launching one transport pod. Pod launchers can launch as a group - but the launchers must be placed adjacent to each other.

Base Stats

Market Value
138 Silver.png [Note]
1 ˣ 2
Cover Effectiveness


Required Research
Transport Pod
Skill Required
Construction 6
Work To Make
3,000 ticks (50 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 50 + Component.png 1
Deconstruct yield
Steel.png 25 + Component.png 0 - 1

The pod launcher deploys a singular transport pod (1 launcher = 1 pod) which must be placed where the rocket icon appears. The transport pod will change color from red to green as a positive signal. The range of a launcher is dependent on the amount of fuel it is filled with, up to 1 tile per 2.25 fuel (rounded down). Each launcher can be filled with a maximum of 150 chemfuel which allows travelling to a distance up to 66 tiles away.

A slide bar can be used horizontally which automatically calculates for you according to your need so that you don't waste fuel/time.

As the description says, launchers can be grouped but they have to be "adjacent", which means they must share one tile length of common border. Touching corner-to-corner or via a Transport Pod touching both launchers will not work. In effect, grouped launchers can only be places in a row lengthwise or in a "spooning L" formation (where the foot of the L is the Pod).

Pod launcher.png Pod launcher max range.jpg


It requires a construction skill of 6.