Comms console

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Comms console

Comms console

Allows radio contact with other factions and orbital traders.

Base Stats

Market Value
365 Silver [Note]
Path Cost


3 ˣ 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Terrain Affordance
-200 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 5
Work To Make
2,200 ticks (36.67 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 120 + Component 4
Deconstruct yield
Steel 60 + Component 2
Destroy yield
Steel 30 + Component 1

A comms console is used to trade with passing orbital trader vessels and communicate with other factions.


Comms consoles can be constructed once the Microelectronics research project has been completed. They require Steel 120 Steel, Component 4 Component, 2,200 ticks (36.67 secs) of work, and a Construction skill of 5.


Ordering a colonist to use the console via right-clicking it will bring up a menu showing the available factions or trade ships. Selecting an option will send the pawn to the console. Once the colonist reaches the console, the selected contact will be activated. Pawns that are incapable of Social will not be able to call anyone.

A comms console should be under a roof, otherwise rain or snow will cause shorts. Take care with placement outdoors, despite them being depicted with satellite dishes on top.

Trade ships

You will be automatically notified when a trade ship appears unless comms console is not present or not powered (due to power grid/generator failure or solar flare, for example). In any case, the ship leaves in 16 hours, or 40,000 ticks (11.11 mins), after arrival.

The first option in the menu will always be trade ships that are present, if any. Click on it to trade. At least one orbital trade beacon is also required. While it may seem logical that a passing orbital trader could be contacted from any colony with a comms console, the game does not work like that. Any orbital trade notification is tied to a specific colony, and only that colony has the option to trade with them.


You can request trade caravans from any faction that is an ally. Doing so will cost 15 goodwill and brings up a menu asking which type of trade caravan is desired. After a caravan has been requested, you can make another petition after 4 days.

In addition, you can request immediate military aid from allied factions. This costs 25 goodwill. Only outlanders will send reinforcements in the form of drop pods, while tribes will politely decline.

Due to unsafe weather conditions it may be impossible to call on an ally. This includes temperature, making it more difficult for colonies in extreme hot or cold biomes to rely upon their allies.

Comms console (center) listing an orbital exotic goods trader and local world factions.


It cannot be uninstalled, only deconstructed, so plan before you place it.

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