Firefoam popper

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Firefoam popper

Firefoam popper

When it detects fire, this safety device pops and sprays a fire-retardant foam in a circular field around itself. Can also be triggered manually.

Base Stats

Market Value
180 Silver.png [Note]
10 kg
Path Cost
1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 5
Work To Make
1,500 ticks (25 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 75 + Component.png 1
Deconstruct yield
Steel.png 37 - 38 + Component.png 0 - 1

The firefoam popper is a one-time use device that extinguishes fire within a 10 tile radius. It can be triggered by fire coming within a 3 tile radius or it can be activated manually by selecting a colonist, then right click it and tell them to trigger it (similar to the Power switch). Once activated, it will spark for about two seconds before it bursts into a spray of Firefoam. It is capable of extinguishing walls on fire, though the walls will block the foam from reaching any further. Pawns on fire will also be extinguished. The explosion does not damage structures or colonists.


The residual firefoam prevents fire. This provides very effective protection against inferno cannons and any other type of incendiary weapon. To intentionally leave firefoam in place, remove the home area to prevent colonists from cleaning it up. The area would also need to be roofed because rain and snow quickly wash away firefoam, in about two game hours. Although firefoam fireproofs an area, it makes for an ugly environment. Firefoam indoors has beauty of -25; outdoors it has beauty of -7.


The Firefoam popper is best used when put in warehouses, as it will prevent your valuable items from catching fire and burning.

Firefoam poppers can be re-installed, so you can keep a large number of uninstalled units stored, then, when needed, simply install one near a fire. This can help extinguish large areas of fire efficiently, but it is a rather expensive method.

Version History

  • 0.13.1135 - Added.
  • 1.0 - Firefoam poppers will now pop whenever there's a fire in a 3-cell radius
  •  ? - no longer fully depletes all shield belts