Grand stele

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Grand stele

Grand stele

A towering slab with extensive engravings on the sides. Steles have been used since ancient times to memorialize individuals, battles, and other important events.

Base Stats

2 kg


3 ˣ 3
Cover Effectiveness


Work To Make
16,000 ticks (4.44 mins)
Stuff tags
Resources to make
Stuff 250
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 125
Destroy yield
Stuff 62 - 63

A grand stele is a purely decorative Miscellaneous structure. A stele provides less beauty than most sculptures and require more resources, but have no quality.

Despite their size, they do not count as a wall.

They are the larger, more beautiful version of the large stele.


Constructing a grand stele requires Complex Furniture to be researched and 125 of any one type of stone and 16,000 ticks (4.44 mins) of work to construct.

They can also be found in ruins.


Since they cannot be roofed over, that all but excludes them for any "indoor" beautification. However, as outdoor art, they have their uses.

Grand steles provide twice the amount of beauty, and health as large steles for twice the material and build cost, while being 1 tile larger in both axes. They are also sometimes required for monumentsContent added by the Royalty DLC. However, neither stele type should be constructed. While they have no quality, and thus you can build steles without skilled artists, this is not cost or space effective.

For the same cost as a single grand stele, you can construct 5 small sculptures. Small sculptures have 25 beauty at Poor quality, and even a Skill 0 artist will average 1.8 Poor quality or better sculptures with the same resource investment, each one of which offers almost as much beauty while also taking up far less space. Even a modestly skilled artist will quickly and massively outstrip the beauty per material of steles of both kinds. Thus steles should only be built when required by a monument, and those found in ruins are better deconstructed for their blocks than integrated into builds.

Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Market Value
    Granite Grand stele 250 Granite blocks 30 096,140 ticks (26.71 mins) 680 0% 00,570,00 Silver
    Limestone Grand stele 250 Limestone blocks 30 096,140 ticks (26.71 mins) 620 0% 00,570,00 Silver
    Marble Grand stele 250 Marble blocks 41 088,140 ticks (24.48 mins) 480 0% 00,540,00 Silver
    Sandstone Grand stele 250 Sandstone blocks 33 080,140 ticks (22.26 mins) 560 0% 00,515,00 Silver
    Slate Grand stele 250 Slate blocks 33 096,140 ticks (26.71 mins) 520 0% 00,570,00 Silver
    Jade Grand stele 250 Jade 85 080,000 ticks (22.22 mins) 200 0% 01,540,00 Silver
  • Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.

    Version history[edit]

    • 1.1.? - Added.
    • 1.2.2719 - Now has terrain affordances appropriate for its size.