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A volatile liquid chemical. Used to fuel engines and rockets, or to transmute into propellant for projectiles, or as an incendiary weapon.

Base Stats

Crafted Resources
Market Value
2.3 Silver
Stack Limit
0.05 kg
Deterioration Rate

Chemfuel is a resource used to craft explosive weapons and ammunition as well as fuel the chemfuel powered generators and pod launchers. If chemfuel catches fire, it will spark briefly before exploding in a fireball.

In spite of the description, it is in no way necessary for neither the construction nor fueling of your ship.



Mostly used in crafting, however when damaged beyond 1/3rd of its health, it will spark and emit a hissing sound and will explode after between 70 ticks (1.17 secs) and 150 ticks (2.5 secs), dealing 10 Flame damage in a radius around itself. The radius depends on the quantity in the stack, with a single unit of chemfuel covering a 1.1 tile radius, and expanding this radius proportional to the square root of the stack size times 0.037 up to a maximum radius of 3.45 tiles at a full stack of 150. This explosion leaves Chemfuel puddles which will then ignite and burn.

The market value of chemfuel is not affected by its hit points, so deteriorated or damaged chemfuel still sells for its normal price.


Chemfuel is used to refuel the following:

It is also an ingredient in the following crafting recipes:

  • Analysis[edit]

    Due to its volatile nature, it should be stored safely away from flammables and electric circuits, in small compartments which contain small stock so an explosion won't destroy your entire stock. This should not be stored with mortar shells. Be careful, as a pawn may decide to let out their stress by beating up a chemfuel container until it explodes. But with a little creativity, careful placement of chemfuel stockpiles can be used as components in base defense.

    Methods of acquiring[edit]

    Infinite chemreactors are better than boomalopes, which are better than refining organics or wood.

    An infinite chemreactor is entirely free fuel, taking 0 work or items, only power. One chemreactor can fully load a chemfuel generator, providing both 700 W of extra power and some fuel to spare. However, they are exclusively a quest reward. In addition, the production per day is somewhat slow. These factors inherently limit its viability as a colony's sole source of chemfuel.

    Boomalopes can graze on grass for free, and feeding them haygrass or corn still gives more chemfuel per nutrition than a refinery. So long as Animals skill > 4, milking a boomalope itself takes less work than a refinery. Of course, this comes at the usual explosive risk, and boomalopes may not always be available.

    Refineries are the most consistently available way of obtaining chemfuel, but require the most work. Even a wood-fueled biofuel refinery and chemfuel generator is both more wood- and work- efficient than a wood-fired generator - don't shy away from using one.

    • If you have to grow things yourself, growing corn is much less work (per chemfuel) than growing trees. You can also use insect meat / human meat / hay-created kibble in a refinery with no penalty.
    • If your biome has many trees, then harvesting wood can be a viable alternative to converting organics.

    Version history[edit]

    In earlier versions, Chemfuel could be acquired by using a Deep drill. This was removed in Beta 19.