Human meat

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Human meat

Human meat

Raw butchered flesh. Can be cooked into meals or eaten raw, although most humans dislike the idea.

Base Stats

FoodRaw food
Market Value
0.8 Silver
0.03 kg
Deterioration Rate
Days To Start Rot


Food Poison Chance


Crafted At
Butcher spot / Butcher table
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)
Work Speed Stat
Butchery Speed

Human meat is meat obtained when a cook butchers humans.


Human meat is obtained when a cook butchers humans and gorehulks.Content added by the Anomaly DLC The base Meat Yield are described on the table below but the actual number depends on the Butchery Efficiency of the butcher, damage of the corpse, and a number of other factors.

  • Animal Meat Yield
    Human 140
    Gorehulk Content added by the Anomaly DLC 280
  • Without the Ideology DLC, butchering a human gives −6 mood for all colonists in the colony, and an additional −6 to the butcher. The former moodlet does not stack, meaning butchering 100 corpses gives the same colony-wide mood as one (the butcher's penalty does stack). Psychopaths and pawns with bloodlust ignore either butchering penalty, as do any cannibals.

    The mood effects of butchering humans with an IdeoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC are based on the precept of the ideoligion the pawn follows.


  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Cannibal platter Cannibal platter Content added by the Ideology DLC Human meat 120 Building - Ideology (Buildings)
  • Summary[edit]

    Human meat is like any other raw food. It can be used to create meals, or combined with other ingredients to produce fine, lavish meals, pemmican and kibble.

    Most humans despise eating human meat, which is cannibalism. Raw human meat gives a −20 moodlet, and cooking human meat into meals (including in nutrient paste) gives a −15 moodlet. Pawns with the Cannibal trait instead gain +20 for raw meat and +15 for cooked meat. The moodlets for raw and cooked cannibalism stack with each other, as do any moodlets from meal types. Mood effects can also be swayed by a pawn's Ideoligion.Content added by the Ideology DLC

    Processing human meat, once it has been butchered, incurs no penalties. Human meat can be made into meals, used for animal feed, processed in biofuel refinery for chemfuel, or put in a biosculpter podContent added by the Ideology DLC or growth vatContent added by the Biotech DLC, and nobody will feel bad about it unless it is eaten directly.

    Its market value is only Silver 0.8 silver, or 40% of regular meat. However, processing it into meals or chemfuel will ignore its origin when considering market value.

    Human meat is also used as a building ingredient for the cannibal platterContent added by the Ideology DLC, which requires Human meat 120.


    Butchering a human is already upsetting for a good majority of colonists. So in a colony not filled with cannibals, eating it should only be for absolute emergencies, in extreme biomes like sea ice, or to please a cannibal on verge of mental break. For a cannibal, both the cooked cannibalism and raw cannibalism mood buffs stack, for a total of +35 mood. However, most cannibals still get −7 mood for eating raw food. You can further boost mood with fine meals, lavish meals, or their carnivore variants. Alternatively, the massive mood debuff might make human meat situationally useful. It may force a tortured artist into a mental break, or cause a Crisis of Belief in the Ideology DLC. As for Caravans and Raiding, Human Meat is one of the most abundant food sources that can be acquired while on-site by butchering several of the corpses found from the pawns killed and in Gibbet cages Content added by the Ideology DLC, cooking them into Meals for slower spoilage.

    Using human meat for carnivorous animals (whenever raw or kibble) isn't cannibalism, so the animals won't mind. It may be wiser to leave corpses unbutchered, as the butchering itself has a fairly large penalty to both the butcher and the colony. Note that colonists in base game or with the Corpses ugly precept Content added by the Ideology DLC will get −4 mood from observing them.

    In the Ideology DLC, a colony's ideoligion can make this a different story. With the Cannibalism meme and/or precept, raiders become a completely viable source of both food and positive moodlets. Setting the precept to Required (Ravenous) gives the greatest mood buffs, +6 per meal, but also gives a strong debuff when human meat isn't available. This is also possible in the base game, with a colony entirely composed of the cannibal trait. By adjusting the scenario ("Forced trait"), you can set all starting colonists, or every pawn in the game, to be cannibals.


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