Smokepop pack

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Smokepop pack

Smokepop pack

A defensive smokescreen. When activated, it will release a cloud of smoke, obscuring incoming shots and preventing turrets from locking on.

Base Stats

Market Value
166 Silver.png
3 kg




Crafted At
Required Research
Smokepop packs
Skill Required
Crafting 3
Work To Make
1,200 ticks (20 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 20 + Component.png 1 + Chemfuel.png 40

The smokepop pack is a reusable defensive device that releases a cloud of smoke on command. The smoke reduces hit chance by 70% for any projectile that paths through smoke. Shooters will still be affected by smoke even when neither them nor the targets are standing in it, if there is smoke in between. The smoke also prevents turrets from locking onto and firing at targets. It dissipates after around 30 seconds.

It does not affect melee hit or dodge chances.

It can be activated 3 times before needing to be reloaded for 10 chemfuel. Reloading smokepop packs always costs 10 chemfuel even if there are charges left (as compared to the jump pack, which uses 20 chemfuel per charge restored). Because of this, it is obviously more efficient to spend 2 or 3 charges before reloading.


The smokepop pack is crafted at the machining table by pawns with 3 crafting and above with Steel 20 steel, Chemfuel 40 chemfuel and Component 1 components.


It is a useful item for melee-based tactics, with the smoke giving melee colonists the chance to move in, though you will want to equip most of your colonists with the shield belt instead, which gives more solid protection on top of the smoke. However, if your attack force is mostly or completely comprised of brawlers or trained animals, a smokescreen deployed in the middle of a fight can protect your pawns from numerous enemy gunners better. Shield belts can significantly reduce or eliminate damage from few incompetent shooters, but they become useless if quickly destroyed by concentrated fire or EMP explosions. A smokescreen covering the whole crowd can potentially prevent more damage by making a lot of enemy shots miss and allowing your shields to recharge, especially if outnumbered by somewhat skilled shooters with high-damage weapons. A good offensive tactic - combat-trained animals will take the first hits and force some gunners into melee, a pawn will rush in with them and cover the area with smoke followed by shielded allies, and everyone can enjoy combined ranged protection of smoke and shields. This tactic can be very effective against tight groups of enemies with few or no brawlers of their own and can devastate sieges, but it is only relevant if you rely heavily on melee fighters, as covering enemies with smoke also greatly reduces effectiveness of your own gunners. For obvious reasons, smokescreens are useless when defending against all-melee raids or manhunter packs and should be swapped for shields to protect against potential friendly fire. You can also use the enemy's own packs to your advantage.

Smokepop packs can be used to neutralize turrets by placing a smokescreen in line of sight or directly on top of a turret, allowing other pawns to safely destroy it, hit it with EMP weapons, or handle other threats.

Ranged colonists don't synergize well with smoke while attacking, as it reduces their accuracy as well. It should not be used offensively when many other friendly gunners are nearby; rather, it should be used to cover ranged colonists so they can move out of a position under relative safety.

Quality Table

On explosion, the smokepop pack covers an area with smoke. The radius depends on the quality of the pack.

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Explosion radius (tiles) 4.1 4.5 4.9 5.3 5.7 6.4 7.4
    Market Value 83 Silver 125 Silver 166 Silver 205 Silver 250 Silver 415 Silver 830 Silver

    Note that a larger explosion radius is not necessarily better, as smoke affects both sides of the battle.

  • Version history

    • 0.17.1546 - Added as the smokepop belt.
    • 1.2.2719 - Renamed to the smokepop pack from smokepop belt, now has 3 charges, no longer disappears on use, and can be triggered manually instead of automatically triggering when hit by a projectile.
    • 1.2.2753 - AI will now only deploy an NPC's Smokepop pack if the offending attacker is hostile. This prevents friendly-fire from activating an NPC's Smokepop