Deadlife pack

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Deadlife pack

Deadlife pack

A single-use pack that launches a capsule which explodes into deadlife dust. The dust animates human and animal corpses as shamblers that will only attack your enemies. Deadlife dust is composed of microscopic machine-like archites which hang in the air. Where they touch a corpse, they induce a chaotic and violent resurrection.

Base Stats

Market Value
445 Silver
3.00 kg


Clothing For Nudity

Ranged Combat

24 tile(s)
Stopping power


Crafted At
Bioferrite shaper
Required Research
Deadlife dust
Skill Required
Crafting 4
Work To Make
6,500 ticks (1.81 mins)
Resources to make
Bioferrite 30 + Shard 1
Has Quality

The Deadlife pack is a single-use utility item added the by Anomaly DLC. It allows the user to deploy an area of Deadlife dust that will resurrect any organic corpse in its range into a friendly shambler that will fight for you.


Deadlife packs can be crafted at a bioferrite shaper once the deadlife dust research project has been completed. Note that this research requires dark study to unlock. Each requires Bioferrite 30 Bioferrite, Shard 1 Shard, 6,500 ticks (1.81 mins) of work modified by the general labor speed of the crafter, and a crafting skill of 4.

Alternatively, they can be received as a quest reward.


When equipped, a Deadlife pack is worn in the waist Utility slot. Once the wearer is drafted, it can be manually activated by the player to target a tile within 24 tiles and within line of sight. The pack has a single charge and when the charge is expended, the item disappears completely and no resources be salvaged from it.

When deployed, the Deadlife pack will fire a Deadlife shell at a selected location and release Deadlife dust which will expand into a ~11 x 11 radius expanding outwards from the shell and dissipating inwards, the dust will persist for about an hour before dissipating completely.

Any organic corpse within the Deadlife dust will be resurrected as a friendly shambler that will fight for you. A shambler cannot be controlled directly and will die 6 hours after being resurrected.

Shamblers created in this way cannot be studied.

Like all utility items, a deadlife pack is treated largely like any piece of apparel, however some exceptions exist. Utility items are worn on the waist and are mutually exclusive only with each other, regardless of the layer or coverage of other apparel worn. Additionally, utility items never become tainted, deteriorate from being worn, or inflict a worn-out or tattered mood debuff when damaged.


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