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Jump pack

Jump pack

A single-person burst rocket for short-ranged flight. With its integrated harness and guidance assistant, the jump pack allows anyone to leap long distances at high speed, even over obstacles. It must be recharged after several uses.
Some spacer tech militaries have melee combat specialists who use jump packs to bypass obstacles and rapidly close with the enemy.

Base Stats

Market Value
645 Silver.png
3 kg




Crafted At
Skill Required
Crafting 4
Work To Make
14,000 ticks (3.89 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel.png 30 + Component.png 3 + Chemfuel.png 100
RewardStandardMidFreq, RewardStandardQualitySuper

The jump pack is an accessory added by Royalty DLC that allows its user to make rapid rocket powered jumps to a tile within range and in line of sight.


As a complicated piece of technology, jump packs can only be made at the Machining table and requires Jump Packs to be researched in order to be constructed. The research requires a techprint. Crafting the armor requires a Crafting skill of at least 4 as well as Plasteel 30 plasteel, Chemfuel 100 chemfuel and Component 3 components.

Alternatively, this item can be received as a quest reward.


The jump pack allows the user to make up to 5 jumps before needing to be refueled, at a cost of Chemfuel 20 chemfuel per charge. The user can jump anywhere within line of sight, so they can jump over Rock chunks but not Walls. Pawns cannot be hurt mid-jump, even by explosions right under them, but can still get hit during a short warm-up before jumping.

Jump packs can allow melee fighters to quickly engage enemy gunners and force them into close combat, where the latter are generally at a great disadvantage. Jump packs can also be used to dodge explosives like mortar shells or grenades, jump over water, or to quickly escape / get into position, making them a useful utility both for brawlers and shooters. It can also be equipped on workers that frequent the edges of the map, as a manhunter pack or raid may catch them off guard. However, keep in mind it occupies the utility slot, and thus cannot be worn with a shield belt or other utility item. Consider using the Locust armor if you wish to have both jump capability and another utility item. The downside of locust armor is its atrocious sharp armor, standing at only 87% on a normal quality armor, beaten by the flak vest by a handy amount.

It is currently unknown if lower quality packs are actually faster than other methods of increase movement rates, such as Archotech legs, however the invulnerability granted while flying will often make any time losses redundant.

Quality Table

The distance the user can jump is dependent on the quality of the jump pack.

  • Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Range 17.9 21.5 23.9 25.3 27 28.4 29.9
    Value Silver 320 Silver 485 Silver 645 Silver 805 Silver 965 Silver 1610 Silver 3225
  • Version History

    • 1.2.2719 - Added
    • 1.2.2753 - Now require enough chemfuel to provide their initial fuel and one more component.

    See Also

    • Locust armor - a set of armor that integrates a jump pack instead of taking the utility slot.