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Rock chunk

Rock chunk

A chunk of rock. Can be cut into usable stone blocks.

Base Stats

1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness


Deconstruct yield
Stone 20

A rock chunk is the general term for is any of the five types of stone chunk namely granite chunk, limestone chunk, marble chunk, sandstone chunk or slate chunk. Each chunk can be cut at the stonecutter's table to yield 20 stone blocks of the same kind. This takes 1,600 ticks (26.67 secs) of work. Rock chunks cannot be sold without first being turned into blocks.


Rock chunks can either found throughout the world naturally or spawned by the player.

A typical flat 250x250 map will contain about 600 to 900 chunks of each stone type for maps with two stone types or 400 to 600 chunks of each stone type for maps with three stone types. Chunks also spawn with a ~25% chance for each tile of rock mined. Each type of rock will spawn its own chunk, so mining marble will spawn a marble chunk.

Infinite chunks can also be spawned from a deep drill in an area that contains no underground resources. The type of chunk produced will be displayed on the deep drill's tooltip. It can be beneficial to place the drill right next to the stonecutter's table to remove the need for hauling, but this does risk the stonecutter being attacked by the insectoids that the drill can occasionally spawn, in addition to the drill operator.

Stone chunks will not be moved automatically, even from a home area, and must be manually designated by the player to be hauled. They can be hauled to any stockpile with the appropriate settings, however dumping stockpile zones default settings include rock chunks.


Despite the objects made of the resultant stone blocks having different HP based on which stone type is used, all rock chunks have the same amount of HP. However, they do have different masses. Granite has a mass of 25, limestone with a mass of 22, marble with a mass of 25, sandstone with a mass of 20 and slate with a mass of 18. Thus, if stone chunks must be transported, such as when transporting stone to a colony in a biome with low stone supplies like Ice Sheets, it can be advantageous to chose Slate over other stone types, despite the inferior stats of the end product. Note that stone chunks weigh the same as the blocks they are cut into, so barring remainders, they are just as efficient to transport in either form but it may be advantageous to do the stonecutting at the colony where tool cabinets, armchairs, food and other luxuries can more easily be provided.

Chunks provide decent cover (50% as opposed to a tree's 25% or sandbags' 57%). Together with the fact they are omnipresent on natural maps, they are useful in firefights and will be used by the AI. Considering they can be easily hauled, it is a good idea to remove them from places the enemy could use and form your own makeshift barricades with them - whether when attacking enemy settlements or defending against raiders.

The "Chunk Skip" psycast Content added by the Royalty DLC can be beneficial for both positioning cover for yourself or to remove it from enemies, as well as an easy way to move chunks a short distance without tying up a hauler. It skips the nearest 5 rock chunks or Steel slag chunks to the target location. It is a level 1 psycast that costs 4% psyfocus and 14 points of neural heat.

Production strategy

This section is transcluded from Stonecutting maximization.

Stonecutting speed is controlled by the cutting pawn's General Labor Speed stat, which is determined by a pawn's stats and capacities rather than any skills. Thus, maximization is based on improving that stat and removing process inefficiencies rather than grinding for experience. General labor speed is decreased by manipulation, sight and Global Work Speed values below 100%, and increased by manipulation and Global Work Speed above 100%. Manipulation can be improved with bionic or archotech arms, or with drugs that improve Manipulation or Consciousness (as it directly affects Manipulation) such as Go-juice or Wake-up. Global work speed is only improved by certain traits, such as Industrious, and the drug Wake-up, which stacks with the drug's manipulation improvement. Care should be taken to avoid assigning stonecutting to pawns with damaged vision or manipulation or with traits such as Lazy unless they are otherwise unoccupied. Additionally, like many other production tasks, lack of light or excessive temperatures will negatively affect rates and up to two tool cabinets will improve rates.  

Using shelves placed directly adjacent to the crafting position will remove travel time to pick up new chunks for cutting, as described on that page, so long as:

  1. Sufficient haulers are present to bring chunks to them.
  2. The bill is set to drop the blocks on the ground.

If there are insufficient haulers, removing the shelves and instead positioning the cutting table next to the chunk stockpile is ideal.

Placing an armchair or other chair will not improve production rates, but will ensure that the pawn remains comfortable and happy while cutting.


A collection of rock chunks in their natural habitat.

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