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The ship, once fully assembled, will allow the colonists to escape the planet and win the game.

ShipBeam.png ShipCryptosleepCasket.png Ship computer core.png ShipReactor.png ShipEngine.png Sensor cluster.png
Ship structural beam Ship cryptosleep casket Ship computer core Ship reactor Ship engine Sensor cluster


A working ship must include 3 engines and 1 of each other ship part. Therefore, the absolute minimum amount of supplies needed to create a fully functional ship is as follows:

Specifically, the ship needs 3 things to launch:

  • Have all necessary parts built and connected.
  • Have the ship reactor activated. The activation process takes 15 days and will attract constant raiders, both human and mechanoid.
  • Have at least one ship cryptosleep casket occupied.

The ships launch readiness can be displayed by selecting any ship part and clicking 'Show launch report'. It will either list deficiencies or display 'Ready for launch'. Only one occupied cryptosleep ship casket is necessary for launch, but each colonist or animal you wish to evacuate must have their own casket. Currently, animals have to be carried to caskets while downed. The easiest way to do it is to apply anesthesia on them.


Obtaining a ship[edit]

Building the ship requires a lot of materials.

  • Metals - A common way to obtain lots of metal is with a ground-penetrating scanner (with deep drills) or long-range mineral scanner. Both allow you to mine for an indefinite amount of ore. The long-range scanner can be tuned to a specific material, so if you specifically need a metal like uranium, then the long-range scanner is relatively better.
  • Advanced components - Generally the most difficult resource to acquire. Even if you have the supplies to make them, advanced components take a long time to craft. Significant numbers can be traded for if you have a healthy caravan network. If you are crafting a lot of them, ideally you'd have multiple skilled crafters working at multiple fabrication benches with attached tool cabinets. If you can afford to craft all these advanced components, you can afford to use multiple benches.
  • Persona core - The most consistent way of obtaining the persona core is with the comms console.
Even if you don't get the "Persona Core Offer" notification, you can request a persona core location with any faction with at least +40 goodwill. The location costs Silver 1500; get cash, use transport pods to raise goodwill (if needed), and travel to the location. There will be enemies present. You can also get persona cores from other, randomly generated quests.

You can also travel to and use Charlon Whitestone's ship from the ship to the stars quest. See Traveling to the journey offer for details. There is no functional difference between this ship and a constructed ship, though its configuration will not be tailored to your needs. And, because the journey offer ship isn't in your main colony, it won't have your main colony's defenses (yet).

Ship launch[edit]

The key with the ship launch is to manage colonist mood. They'll be awake through night and day, both to deal with raids and to repair your defenses afterwards. Schedule your colonists with more Sleep and Recreation, make drugs and lavish meals, and be prepared for a lot of combat. For more detail on the subject, see ship launch.

The ship reactor does not require any other part of the ship to begin activation. It is optimal to begin activation as soon as the reactor is built and secured. Getting supplies for and constructing the other ship parts increases wealth, which increases the strength of raids. In addition, the ship reactor can be surrounded with layers and layers of walls to ensure that your effort doesn't get wasted. After the 15 days, if you survive , you can start to gather all the resources and build the ship.