Ship cryptosleep casket

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Ship cryptosleep casket

Ship cryptosleep casket

A cryptosleep casket hardened against the dangers of space. Capable of maintaining a person in cryptosleep for centuries and surviving atmospheric re-entry.

Base Stats

Market Value
1035 Silver.png [Note]
Path Cost


1 ˣ 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Terrain Affordance


Required Research
Vacuum cryptosleep casket
Skill Required
Construction 8
Work To Make
8,000 ticks (2.22 mins)
Resources to make
Steel.png 120 + Uranium.png 14 + Component.png 3 + Advanced component.png 3
Deconstruct yield
Steel.png 60 + Uranium.png 7 + Component.png 1 - 2 + Advanced component.png 1 - 2
Destroy yield
Steel.png 30 + Uranium.png 3 - 4 + Component.png 0 - 1 + Advanced component.png 0 - 1

The ship cryptosleep casket is used to contain a humanoid or animal in a state of suspended animation for space travel in addition to the other utilitarian purposes of its non-ship cousin.


As a complicated piece of machinery, Vacuum cryptosleep caskets must be researched before it can be constructed. A ship cryptosleep caket requires Steel 120 steel, Uranium 14 uranium, Component 3 components, Advanced component 3 Advanced components, and a construction skill of 8. Additionally, it must be constructed adjacent to a ship structural beam (head first). It cannot be placed independently. They can be placed adjacent to each other provided they don't block the interaction spot of other caskets.

Ship caskets also spawn with the ship in the Journey offer quest.


During cryptosleep, the occupants biological functions are suspended and they will not age biologically, only chronologically. The pawns stats and status effects will similarly be frozen (this is not completely true; some effects, such as mood and social, do tick down while in cryptosleep) - their hunger will not decrease, any injuries won't progress and any drug doses will remain the same. The player may select a cryptosleep casket and look at the inspect pane to see if it is empty or occupied.

To have a colonist enter a cryptosleep casket, simply select the colonist, then right-click a cryptosleep casket, and choose "Enter cryptosleep casket". Alternatively, if the colonist is downed, another colonist can be ordered to carry the downed pawn to the casket.

Animals or prisoners can be put into cryptosleep caskets, but they need to be downed first. This can be done violently, by applying anesthesia followed by manually directing a colonist to carry them inside or if they have a brain implant Content added by the Royalty DLC, they can also be EMPed to cause brain shock to quickly and cheaply down them.

When occupied, an 'Eject sleeper' button becomes available to allow the player to remove the colonist.

When a cryptosleep casket is severely damaged it will spark briefly then explode. Nearby flammables may catch fire.


This device can help relieve a colony during a crisis such as an intense psychic wave or medicine shortage by safely storing pawns until the problem is resolved. Additionally, pawns addicted to a drug will not progress through withdrawal during stasis, making the casket a handy way of avoiding withdrawal-induced mental breaks in the event of drug shortages - this technique can be used to save the life of a Luciferium-user, or decrease total demand over time.

With the use of anesthetic, prisoners can also be stored temporarily to lessen the drain on colony resources while they await sale, harvesting or, if the Royalty DLC is installed, exchanged for Honor. It is also useful to save enemies/animals till inspiration, particularly - thrumbos and enemies with high resistance.

After waking from cryptosleep, a humanoid will have cryptosleep sickness for a short time, which reduces consciousness and manipulation and causes vomiting. The colonists at the start of the game have cryptosleep sickness since they were in cryptosleep before the ship crashed.

Space Travel

Unlike other caskets, the ship casket attaches to the ship and can be used to take pawns to the starts to "end" the game. If the player wishes to build a ship to evacuate the planet one casket is required for each colonist and/or animal to be transported. They must be attached to the other ship parts. Any animals must be anesthetized first.

Comparisons to other caskets

There are three types of cryptosleep casket: the standard, ship, and ancient. Standard caskets can be built anywhere but require a significant resource and research investment and occupants can only be released by another pawn.

Ship caskets (this article) are more expensive and require significantly more reaseach (10,800 pts more) than regular caskets, and also require a ship structural beam to attach to, increasing the cost again (though one structural beam has room for up to 8 caskets, depending on positioning). They can be placed anywhere that a beam can be constructed and allow the pawn to eject themselves. This can be vital when the pawn is alone, or when there is nobody alive and mobile to release them. It also allows players to release enemies or animals at will, without pawn intervention.

Ancient caskets are similar to standard ones but cannot be constructed. They are often found pre-installed in ancient shrines, but they cannot be moved from where they are. This can make for inopportune positioning or can require additional investment to protect them. Additionally, the ancient shrine must first be cleared of enemies, occasionally including the current inhabitants of the caskets.

  • Casket Acquisition Placement Opening Resource Cost
    Cryptosleep casket Built Anywhere Can only be opened by a hauler, using the 'Open' designator Steel.png 180 + Uranium.png 5 + Component.png 4 + Advanced component.png 1
    Ship cryptosleep casket Built Must Connect to Ship Beam Colonist may eject self Steel.png 120 + Uranium.png 14 + Component.png 3 + Advanced component.png 3
    (+Steel.png 200 + Plasteel.png 40 + Component.png 3 + Advanced component.png 1
    per 8 caskets)
    Ancient cryptosleep casket Found in Ancient shrines Where found Can only be opened by a hauler, using the 'Open' designator None
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