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Recreation is a Stat: Recreation is the need to have fun. Repeating the same kind of activity makes it less fun, so variety is necessary. Recreation is one of a colonist's needs. Prisoners, visitors, enemy pawns, and animals do not have the recreation need.

Colonists gain recreation in two ways:

Colonists may do recreation activities when their timetable allows. Some activities require nothing more than an allotted time while certain activities require the relevant building or item. Certain items can only be purchased from traders. Some activities have an added benefit of improving skill experience points. Colonists develop an increasing tolerance, or resistance, to a kind of activity the more it is done. Tolerances are shown in the Recreation tooltip (hover the mouse over the recreation meter) and are listed by kind and percentage. A variety of kinds of activities should be made available to avoid tolerance buildup.

Recreation thresholds

The recreation meter has thresholds that trigger mood-altering thoughts. No thoughts are triggered from 30% to 69%.

Threshold Label Mood Effect Thought
85 - 100  Recreation fully satisfied +10  I've been enjoying myself so much, I love it!
70 - 85  Recreation satisfied +5  I've been having a great time doing various things I like to do.
15 - 30  Recreation unfulfilled -5  I could really use a break for something enjoyable.
0 - 15  Recreation deprived -10  We need more variation in recreation activities, and i need time to enjoy them. This place is really dull.
0  Recreation-starved -20  It's been so long since I did anything for fun on my own time.


The following can be built from the Architect - Recreation menu.

Horseshoes pin

Horseshoe and Horseshoes Pin.png

A horseshoes pin is used by colonists to take a break and gain recreation. It is the second cheapest and quickest to build of all the joy-related buildings, after the hoopstone ring.

To be usable, a horseshoe pin must have a standable spot five spaces away. It also needs line of sight to it in a straight line (many structures like chairs, lamps, and tables, do not block line of sight). Playing horseshoes increases the player's shooting skill at a meager rate. Because of its low cost and ability to slowly raise colonist shooting skill, it is often advisable to build a horseshoe pin early after starting a colony.

Up to three colonists can use a single horseshoes pin at once, taking turns throwing horseshoes at it. Colonists can throw through a held open doorway into an adjacent room while playing horseshoes. Mood bonuses for room impressiveness are determined by the thrower's location.

Hoopstone ring

image missing

A hoopstone ring is a simple ring placed on the ground. Pawns have fun by throwing stones, trying to get them to land inside the ring. To be usable, a hoopstone ring must have a standable spot five spaces away with clear line of sight. Playing with the hoopstone ring raises a pawn's joy and increases their shooting skill at a meager rate.

A hoopstone ring is the Tribal equivalent of a horseshoes pin. For other players, it may be purchased from a Tribal trader.


A hoopstone ring can made from any material (wood, metals, or stone) through the Architect menu, under the Recreation tab. It costs 10 materials for standard volume material and 100 materials for low volume material. Regardless of the material used, a hoopstone ring has neutral beauty, and has no quality level. Once placed it can be uninstalled and then reinstalled in a new location.

Chess table


In-game description: The ancient game of kings. Fun for a few hours here and there, even playing alone.

Colonists will play chess with another colonist, or alone to 'practice'. Chess improves the player's research skill at a meager rate.

For a colonist to use a chess table, there must be at least one seat facing it.

Size: 1 x 1
Beauty: varies by material, see below.

A chess table can be made from any material:

Material Cost Beauty
Steel Steel 70 4
Plasteel Plasteel 70 4
Wood Wood 70 4
Uranium Uranium 70 2
Silver Silver 700 14
Gold Gold 700 36
Granite Granite Blocks 70 4
Limestone Limestone Blocks 70 4
Marble Marble Blocks 70 6
Sandstone Sandstone Blocks 70 4
Slate Slate Blocks 70 4

Billiards table

Billiards table.png

In-game description: A soft-topped bounded table for playing a variety of billiards-type games.

Playing billiards increases the player's shooting skill at a meager rate.

Size: 2 x 3 ~ Needs a space of 4 x 5 to accommodate the playing area.
Beauty: varies by material, see below.

A billiards table can be made from any material:

Material Cost Beauty
Steel Steel 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Plasteel Plasteel 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Wood Wood 110 Cloth 80 0
Uranium Uranium 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Silver Silver 800 Wood 30 Cloth 80 6
Gold Gold 800 Wood 30 Cloth 80 20
Granite Granite Blocks 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Limestone Limestone Blocks 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Marble Marble Blocks 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 1
Sandstone Sandstone Blocks 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0
Slate Slate Blocks 80 Wood 30 Cloth 80 0



The telescope is a recreation building that can only be obtained through trade.

Entertainment strength factor: 120%

Tube television

Tube television.png

In-game description: A cathode ray tube display for showing moving pictures with sound. Even on the rimworlds, there is often an old transmitter running something at least marginally interesting.

A tube television (TV) must be either bought from an exotic trader or researched and built. They are placed like sculptures, and require a place to sit, facing the right way (towards the TV). Unlike a chessboard, the seats must be placed between with a 1-tile gap from the TV.

Televisions can also be viewed for enjoyment by people residing in medical-designated beds of all types.

Size: 1 x 1
Viewing area: 3 x 5
Offset: 1 tile away
Market value: 700 Silver.pngsilver
Entertainment strength factor: 120%

Flatscreen television

Flatscreen television.png

In-game description: A high-tech flat-screen television with crystal-clear image and rich color. More entertaining than a grainy tube TV.

Before version 0.19 Flatscreen Television could only be bought from traders, but they are now able to be crafted by colonists with construction 8 or higher. They are placed like sculptures, and require a place to sit, facing the right way (towards the TV). Seating must be placed with a 1-tile gap from the TV.

Size: 1 x 2
Viewing area: 6 x 5
Offset: 1 tile away
Market value: 1500 Silver.pngsilver
Entertainment strength factor: 140%

Megascreen television

Megascreen television.png

In-game description: A huge, high-tech television. Gigantic, hyper-vibrant images almost leap out of the screen. Very entertaining.

The Megascreen Television was added in Alpha 13 and must be bought from an exotic trader. They are placed like sculptures, and require a place to sit, facing the right way (towards the TV). Seating must be placed with a 1-tile gap from the TV.

Size: 1 x 3
Viewing area: 7 x 6
Offset: 1 tile away
Market value: 2000 Silver.pngsilver
Entertainment strength factor: 160%

Activities table

Activity Duration Gain Rate Kind Interaction Improves Skill +XP Per Tick
Skygazing 4000 1 Meditative Solitary - -
Meditating 4000 1 Meditative Solitary - -
Praying 3000 1 Meditative Solitary - -
Going for a walk 8000 1 Meditative Solitary - -
Building snowman 8000 1 Meditative Solitary - -
Relaxing socially 4000 1 Social Social - -
Playing horseshoes ' ' 4000 1 Gaming Dexterity Building Shooting 0.003
Playing hoopstone ring ' 4000 1 Gaming Dexterity Building Shooting 0.003
Playing chess ' ' 4000 1 Gaming Cerebral Building Research 0.002
Playing the game of Ur ' 4000 0.8 Gaming Cerebral Building Research 0.002
Playing billiards 4000 1.3 Gaming Dexterity Building Shooting 0.004
Playing poker 4000 1.3 Gaming Cerebral Building Research 0.004
Using telescope * ** 4000 1.2 Study Building Research 0.004
Visiting grave 4000 1 Meditative Building - -
Watching television ** 4000 1.2 Passive Building - -
Watching flatscreen television ** 4000 1.4 Passive Building - -
Watching megascreen television * ** 4000 1.6 Passive Building - -

Note: the above Recreation gain rates are based on normal quality buildings when applicable.
* Only acquired from traders.
** Must be installed before use.
' Only craftable when playing as New Tribe. Can still be acquired from traders otherwise.
' ' Only craftable when playing as New Arrivals. Can still be acquired from traders otherwise.

Consumables table

Item +Recreation (%) Kind
Ambrosia 0.5 Chemical
Beer 17 Chemical
Berries 0.4 Gluttonous
Chocolate 7 Gluttonous
Fine meal 4.5 Gluttonous
Lavish meal 6.5 Gluttonous
Nutrient paste meal −4 Gluttonous
Packaged survival meal 2 Gluttonous
Simple meal 2 Gluttonous


Building snowman

In cold biomes after some snow has accumulated a colonist may build a snowman.

Going for a walk

When a colonist goes for a walk, this means that they path around the area they started at for a while with no reason. They take twice as long as most other activities to finish and yet still have the same tolerance gain rate.


Gives permanent +30 to mood, but also causes the implantee to suffer a permanent penalty to Consciousness, which affects virtually all of their jobs and activities. Thus, it is recommended for chronically depressive colonists, but not for your best soldiers.

Note that it increases mood, but not recreation, meaning that colonists with this implant still need to carry out recreation activities from time to time.


Meditating is the act of your colonists going into their private room and sitting in a corner for a while while in solitary. Like most other activities, this has a length of 4000 ticks and an average tolerance gain rate.

Playing billiards

One or more colonists will wander around the billiards table, taking shots. Raises the shooting skill in a similar way to the horseshoes.

Playing chess

A chess table requires adjacent chairs to be used. Up to two colonist can use a chess table at once. Slowly raises the Research skill.

Playing horseshoes

One to three colonists take turns throwing horseshoes at the post from approximately 5 blocks away. Playing Horseshoes raises the shooting skill.


Similar to Meditating, but lasts shorter and is only done by certain colonists.
In the game files, each colonist has a value determining whether or not they will pray.

Relaxing socially

If a campfire or table is enabled as a Gather Spot, colonists will stand in the vicinity of the campfire, or sit at a chair or stool beside a table. If beer is available, a colonist may carry a bottle while relaxing, without actually consuming the item. This action has been shown to occur among colonists with the Chemical Interest trait, the Teetotaler trait, and no trait in regards to alcohol.

Contradictory to its name, colonists can carry out this activity when alone, while still gaining Recreation at the same rate.


Skygazing is the act of your colonists simply laying on the ground in an outdoor (area without a roof) area and facing upwards. The game has a few flavor text names such as "Cloudwatching". This activity is the same length of time that most others are and the same tolerance gain rate.

Using telescope

A colonist will stand behind the telescope's viewfinder for some time. The telescope must be placed outside and will not degrade from weather.

Oddly, colonists may use it during daytime.

Visiting grave

Colonists will visit a filled grave or sarcophagus.

Version History

  • 0.10.785 - Added as Joy with Skygazing, Meditating/praying, Social relaxation, Horseshoes game, Chess, Billiards, Television, and Telescope as the initial sources.
  • 0.11.877 - Added new joy activity: build snowman.
  • 0.12.906 - Added grave and sarcophagus visiting as joy activity.