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The Menu[edit]


The architect menu is the most used menu in the game, and for good reason, it allows you to carry out most of the games actions.

  • The Orders tab gives you access to tools to direct your colonists actions, things such as chopping wood and hauling things. There is a useful plan tool as well, which allows you to draw out your plans without your colonists wasting resources.
  • The Zone/Area tab gives you access to an ability to make Stockpile zones, expand your home area, and important zones to grow crops.
  • The Structure tab allows you to build walls, doors, and autodoors to keep animals and the cold out.
  • The Production tab contains all of the things your colonists need to refine raw resources, ranging from the neolithic crafting spot to the spacer fabrication bench. Don't forget to put a chair so they'll have some comfort!
  • The Furniture tab contains mainly decorative objects to keep your colonists happy, but also has key objects such as beds for both colonists and animals and various forms of lamps.
  • The Power tab contains useful things such as solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, which is needed to power things such as standing lamps and coolers, and power conduits to connect it all up.
  • The Security tab has objects which allow you to handle pesky raiders and mechanoids much more easily with the help of sandbags, turrets, mortars, and traps.
  • The Misc tab contains things which do not belong anywhere else, like Comms consoles and graves.
  • The Floors tab allows you to build floors which usually increase the beauty of the room it's built in, and also increase walking speed if a colonist is walking on it.
  • The Recreation tab allows you to build objects which increase colonist's recreation, stopping them from going into a berserk rage and punching out your janitor.
  • The Ship tab contains all of the things you need to build in order to blast off and finish the game.
  • The Temperature tab has all the objects you need to build things such as a walk-in freezer or a heating system.