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Used to mark animals to be hunted by hunters. Animals have a chance to revenge when harmed (a notification will appear when marking for hunting).

Hunters only hunt when equipped with a ranged weapon. Hunters are coded to shoot marked animals from a considerable distance to minimize the risk of injury should it try to revenge by turning manhunter. You can select several animals for hunting by opening the Wildlife tab and dragging the mouse over the appropriate animals in the Mark animals column. This tab also shows the revenge chance for each animal, and has a special icon for predators. All wild animals on the current map are shown here, and if an animal is injured or downed it will be highlighted as such. It can be an easy way to get risk-free kills of predators that have been badly injured.

Once a hunter's target is downed, they will finish it off at point-blank range by cutting its throat.

As of Alpha 14 (July 15th, 2016), projectiles fired by hunting colonists no longer intercept random targets.