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Pen marker

Pen marker

A post with a sign designating an animal pen. It must be placed in an area enclosed by fences, barricades, walls, and doors. You can assign each pen marker a set of animals to accept, and handlers will bring animals to an appropriate pen.

Base Stats

8 kg
Path Cost


1 ˣ 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance


Work To Make
600 ticks (10 secs)
Stuff tags
Metallic, Woody, Stony
Resources to make
Buildingmats.png 30
Deconstruct yield
Buildingmats.png 15
Destroy yield
Buildingmats.png 7 - 8

Pen markers designate a zone for pen animals to be held, and one is required if you wish to "rope" a tamed animal and lead them to that pen. Pen markers determine which types of animals will be kept in each pen, and provide other utility as well. Each different pen that you wish to use needs a pen marker.


A pen marker is quick to build, and requires Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 30 Stuff (Wood/Metals/Stone) and 600 ticks (10 secs) of work.


While all animals are tamable, some animals cannot be trained or set to an allowed area and instead must be led to a designated pen; if they are not led to a designated pen or have an accessible path to exit the map, pen animals will slowly wander away. Pens can only be defined by a pen marker.


Pen markers are cheap (30 material), and are required if you wish to actively use your pens, to lead recently tamed animals to that pen so they don't wander away. A pen is defined when a pen marker is placed within fences, walls, doors and natural terrain (hills) preventing any exit toward the sides of the map. However, unlike rooms, pens will expand if a gate, door or animal flaps is "held open", allowing you to easily expand, restrict or open pen areas when needed. (This also means that if you "hold open" a door leading to a pen, those halls and rooms will soon be visited by any pen animals, and their filth.)

In addition to defining a pen, Pen markers provide three tabs (see images at bottom) to help manage domestic/tamed animals. These are:

  • An "Animals" menu in order to select what animals are allowed in that pen (male / female option included).
  • A "Food" information popup that shows the available "grazing" nutrition value of the pen, the number of different animals currently in the pen, and the total consumption calculation. By default, cows/goats/chickens are show, plus any animals actually present, and you can "force" other animals onto the list if you wish to see their consumption rates. This can help you plan whether the field size holds enough nutrition for them to graze unassisted, or if you'll need to manually feed them to supplement their grazing.
  • An "Auto-cut" menu to designate what plants are allowed to grow within the pen and what are not. (Some are good grazing food, some are not (and these are selected by default), but cutting them does require labor from your colony.)

When managing pens make sure to check the nutrition grown compared to the nutrition consumed, if there nutrition grown is less than the nutrition consumed then animal starvation is inevitable.

Pen Marker Menus

Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flammability Market Value
    Wooden Pen marker Wood.png 30 0 420 ticks (7 secs) 65 100% 38 Silver
    Granite Pen marker Granite blocks.png 30 0 3,740 ticks (1.04 mins) 170 0% 40 Silver
    Limestone Pen marker Limestone blocks.png 30 0 3,740 ticks (1.04 mins) 155 0% 40 Silver
    Marble Pen marker Marble blocks.png 30 1 3,440 ticks (57.33 secs) 120 0% 39 Silver
    Sandstone Pen marker Sandstone blocks.png 30 0 3,140 ticks (52.33 secs) 140 0% 38 Silver
    Slate Pen marker Slate blocks.png 30 0 3,740 ticks (1.04 mins) 130 0% 40 Silver
    Jade Pen marker Jade.png 30 10 3,000 ticks (50 secs) 50 0% 161 Silver
    Golden Pen marker Gold.png 300 20 540 ticks (9 secs) 60 40% 3000 Silver
    Plasteel Pen marker Plasteel.png 30 0 1,320 ticks (22 secs) 280 0% 275 Silver
    Silver Pen marker Silver.png 300 6 600 ticks (10 secs) 70 40% 300 Silver
    Steel Pen marker Steel.png 30 0 600 ticks (10 secs) 100 40% 59 Silver
    Uranium Pen marker Uranium.png 30 0 1,140 ticks (19 secs) 250 0% 184 Silver
    Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.
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