Stonecutter's table

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Stonecutter's table

Stonecutter's table

A work table equipped to cut rough stone into usable blocks.

1 ˣ 3
Resources to make
Steel 30 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75
Deconstruct yield
Steel 22 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 56

This table is used to cut rock chunks into stone blocks. Stonecutting is a crafting task, but gives no experience points. Each rock chunk will make 20 stone blocks, and the crafting skill level of the pawn does not influence the yield. Stonecutter's tables are considered dirty, and have a cleanliness of -5.

A stonecutter's table can be made out of various materials.

Material Steel Cost Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Beauty
Steel 105 Steel.png - 180 20 0
Plasteel 30 Steel.png 75 Plasteel.png 505 10 0
Wood 30 Steel.png 75 Wood.png 90 100 0
Gold 30 Steel.png 750 Gold.png 108 20 0
Silver 30 Steel.png 750 Silver.png 126 20 0
Uranium 30 Steel.png 75 Uranium.png 450 0 0


Work bills can be created at the stonecutter's table for each kind of rock chunk, as well as a special bill that will use any type of rock chunk available. In order to any of several types of stone block, it is easiest to create the universal work bill, and then select only the desired rock types from the list of allowed ingredients.

Chunks for the active work bills will be taken from anywhere on the entire map, even if they're not marked for hauling. This can be avoided by reducing the ingredient radius on the work bills. It is more efficient to create a dumping stockpile zone close to the work station, and adjust the ingredient radius accordingly. Especially when creating an infinite work bill, your pawns will eventually travel very far to gather the remaining rock chunks, unless the ingredient radius has been limited manually.

When setting up the work bills, keep in mind that the task count lists the amount of chunks that are cut, not the amount of stone blocks produced. So in order to produce 100 stone blocks, a bill of 5 work units has to be set up, each producing 20 stone blocks.