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The most seductive metal of them all. Millions have died in attempting to feed the endless human thirst for gold. This soft metal is little use on its own, but is strikingly beautiful and very rare.

Stack Limit

Base Stats

Market Value

Stat Modifiers

Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Door Opening Speed
Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Max Hit Points
Melee Blunt Damage
Melee Cooldown
Melee Sharp Damage
Rest Effectiveness
Work To Make

Gold is a very beautiful and valuable resource. The primary source is from mining gold veins or drilling with deep drills.

Gold is sometimes found on the bodies of raiders, as well as those who pop out of random cryptosleep caskets in buildings around the map. You can sell gold to certain traders to get a staggering amount of cash, or craft it into golden sculptures that are perhaps the most valuable items in the game. It can also be used to create extremely beautiful furniture and structures. Gold art and furniture is the best way to get the "Beautiful Environment" mood bonus for your colonists.

Gold is necessary to build advanced components, the multi-analyzer, and the ship computer core.


Gold ore in game

Gold ore tiles have 1,500 health each, making them one of the faster ores to mine. They can be found in smaller veins, ranging from 2 to 8 tiles in size. Each mined block has a base yield of 40 gold, however this is modified by factors such as the Difficulty setting and the mining yield of the pawn. Notably, a healthy pawn requires Mining skill of 8 or better for maximum yield.


Gold is used in the following crafting recipes:

  • Name Amount Type
    Gold tile 70 Floor
    Grand meditation throne 75 Furniture
    Royal bed 50 Furniture
    Prestige cataphract armor 180 Gear - Armor
    Prestige cataphract helmet 90 Gear - Armor
    Prestige marine armor 100 Gear - Armor
    Prestige marine helmet 50 Gear - Armor
    Prestige recon armor 90 Gear - Armor
    Prestige recon helmet 40 Gear - Armor
    Multi-analyzer 20 Miscellaneous - Research
    Sensor cluster 4 Ship
    Ship computer core 70 Ship