Simple research bench

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Simple research bench

Simple research bench

A simple bench with writing implements and simple measurement devices. Researchers work here to discover new things.

Base Stats

20 kg
Path Cost


3 × 2
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance


Work To Make
2,800 ticks (46.67 secs)
Stuff Tags
Metallic, Woody, Stony
Resources to make
Stuff 75 + Steel 25
Deconstruct yield
Stuff 37 - 38 + Steel 12 - 13
Destroy yield
Stuff 18 - 19 + Steel 6 - 7

A simple research bench is a production bench at which your colonists can research new technology.

It is the less advanced version of the hi-tech research bench, only allowing access to the basic technologies, including those which unlock its more advanced counterpart.


Simple research benches can be constructed, each requiring Stuff 75 Stuff (Metallic/Woody/Stony), Steel 25 Steel and 2,800 ticks (46.67 secs) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder and the work to build factor and offset of the material.


Once a project has been selected in the Research tab, colonists assigned to Research work type will work at a simple research bench to complete the project. Multiple researchers can contribute toward a project at the same time, so long as sufficient research benches are available, and benches can be freely swapped between researchers. Simple research benches are incapable of researching projects beyond Microelectronics.

The rate of research can be inspected after selection, depends on the following factors:

  • The research speed stat of the researcher.
  • The type of research bench and facilities used. Simple research benches have ×0.75 multiplier to this research rate.
  • A ×0.7 work multiplier for being in "Bad Temperature" - below 10 °C (50 °F) or above 35 °C (95 °F) - like most production facilities.
  • A ×0.9 work multiplier for being outdoors. [Verify]
  • The Cleanliness of the room. The modifier is ×0.75 for very dirty (-5 or lower), ×1 for clean (0), and ×1.09 for sterile (0.6). Being outdoors gives a ×0.75 Cleanliness multiplier (in addition to the penalty for being outdoors).

Unlike the hi-tech research bench, simple benches can be uninstalled. Simple research benches cannot be linked to a multi-analyzer.


The simple research bench should be one of the first things to be set up in a new base, after building rooms, beds, storage, and, possibly, a freezer. Multiple research benches can be used concurrently; as soon as you have the manpower to spare, you may want to have 2 researchers operating at once. If resources are limited, placing half of the available researchers on a night shift allows them to share benches.

Once they are unlocked, hi-tech research benches are 33.33% faster at researching. As soon as Microelectronics is researched and the colony has sufficient power and resources to construct them, simple benches should be replaced with hi-tech benches, which also unlocks all projects beyond Microelectronics.

If resources are tight but several researchers are available, simple research benches can be retained in order to research less complex technologies. Simple and hi-tech research benches may be used together, though pawns will automatically abandon any simple benches when hi-tech is required.


Compact, 6x6 lab with 4 research benches. Can fit 2 hi-tech benches later on; see its Laboratories section for visualization.

Because research is a long term task, it is advised to please researchers:

Research rooms can be kept small and out of major thoroughfares, to minimize the amount of cleaning time and sterile tile used. Alternatively, you can combine research rooms and hospitals, as both take full advantage of Cleanliness.

If investing any significant amount of resources into a laboratory, it is recommended to build it such that it will fit the larger, 5 × 2 tile, hi-tech research benches and the 2 × 2 tile multi-analyzer that will eventually be required.

Stats table

  • Simple research bench Simple research bench Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Market
    Bioferrite Bioferrite Content added by the Anomaly DLC 0 007,000 ticks (1.94 mins) 500 75% 129 Silver
    Gold Gold 20 002,520 ticks (42 secs) 150 40% 7,555 Silver
    Granite blocks Granite blocks 0 016,940 ticks (4.71 mins) 425 0% 176 Silver
    Limestone blocks Limestone blocks 0 016,940 ticks (4.71 mins) 388 0% 176 Silver
    Marble blocks Marble blocks 1 015,540 ticks (4.32 mins) 300 0% 171 Silver
    Plasteel Plasteel 0 006,160 ticks (1.71 mins) 700 0% 745 Silver
    Sandstone blocks Sandstone blocks 0 014,140 ticks (3.93 mins) 350 0% 166 Silver
    Silver Silver 6 002,800 ticks (46.67 secs) 175 40% 810 Silver
    Slate blocks Slate blocks 0 016,940 ticks (4.71 mins) 325 0% 176 Silver
    Steel Steel 0 002,800 ticks (46.67 secs) 250 40% 200 Silver
    Jade Jade 10 014,000 ticks (3.89 mins) 125 0% 475 Silver
    Uranium Uranium 0 005,320 ticks (1.48 mins) 625 0% 515 Silver
    Wood Wood 0 001,960 ticks (32.67 secs) 163 100% 145 Silver
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