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A hard, green stone. Because of its beauty and rarity, jade is often used for ornaments and decorations. Its hardness and density also makes it a good material for blunt weapons.

Stack Limit

Base Stats

Market Value

Stat Modifiers

Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Armor - Sharp
Door Opening Speed
Insulation - Cold
Insulation - Heat
Max Hit Points
Melee Blunt Damage
Melee Cooldown
Melee Sharp Damage
Rest Effectiveness
Work To Make

Jade is a rare material with high beauty but little utility. Sculptures produced with jade can greatly improve their surroundings, while blunt weapons made of jade are tremendously effective. Its curious fragility makes it poorly suited to other situations, however, unless you appreciate its striking green color.


Jade veins occur rarely on most maps, and must be mined before they can be used. Jade can occasionally be found in random cargo pods, and may be purchased from bulk goods traders. Once you've completed the research necessary to construct a deep drill, it can also be found in small deposits underground.


Jade is a high-value material best suited to use in high beauty items that can be made out of stone, especially sculptures and royal beds. Unlike the common stone types, beds made from jade suffer no penalty to Rest Effectiveness.

Jade is relatively scarce and hard to find, and may be worth saving until a constructor or artist has Inspired Creativity.

Jade is not specifically required for any recipes, but may be used in many recipes with the "Stony" stuff tag.


Jade in game

Jade tiles have 1,500 health each, making them one of the faster ores to mine. They can be found in smaller veins, ranging from 2 to 8 tiles in size. Each mined block has a base yield of 40 jade, however this is modified by factors such as the Difficulty setting and the mining yield of the pawn.


Despite being unavailable for use in any Apparel in the current version, it has stats for armor and insulation.

Alongside Lizardskin and green lamps, Jade is one of very few ways of making green things in the game.

Version history

  • 0.17.1546 - no longer a small volume material.
  •  ? - vein size increased from 1-6 -> 2-8 and yield increased from 35 -> 40