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Cooks meals and produces heat, and burns out after a few days. As with all heat sources, it must be placed indoors so it has a closed space to heat. Refuelable.

Base Stats

Market Value
25 Silver [Note]
Path Cost


1 × 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
Light Radius
Heat Per Second
Stops Heating At
28 °C (82.4 °F)
Work Speed Factor


Work To Make
200 ticks (3.33 secs)
Resources to make
Wood 20
Deconstruct yield
Destroy yield

The campfire is building that produces light, temperature, allows the execution of simple cooking bills and the burning of apparel, weapons and drugs. It also functions as a social gathering spot.


Campfires can be constructed, each requiring Wood 20 Wood and 200 ticks (3.33 secs) of work modified by the construction speed of the builder.

Once constructed, they cannot be re-installed, they can only be deconstructed.


Automatic refuel toggle on Automatic refuel toggle off Gather spot toggle
Automatic refuel
toggle on
Automatic refuel
toggle off
Gather spot toggle

Campfires must be lit to function, which requires fuel. A lit campfire consumes Wood 10 wood per day, and consumes an additional Wood 0.0006 wood per 1 tick (0.02 secs), or a total of Wood 46 wood per day, if it is lit while unroofed in the rain or snow. It can hold up to 20 fuel at a time, for a maximum run time of 2 days or 10.43 in-game hours in the rain. It is constructed with a full fuel capacity. Fuel is delivered to the campfire by a haulers as long as refueling is enabled. When deconstructing a campfire, no wood is reclaimed.

A lit campfire outputs light in a 10 tile radius, with the nearest 7.175 tiles being above 50% light level and considered "lit", preventing workspeed penalties.

Lit campfires will also heat enclosed rooms to a maximum temperature of 28 °C (82.4 °F) at a rate of 21 heat per second,[Exact mechanic unclear] equivalent to a heater. Outdoor campfires, like other temperature effects, won't cause any temperature changes, but otherwise function as normal.

Campfires can act as a gather spot for colonists to recreate, even if unlit. This is toggled on by default, but can be toggled off via the gizmo when the campfire is selected.


The following items can be crafted at the campfire. Note that the campfire has a Work Speed Factor of 0.5, meaning that all bills will take 2x as long as at most other work stations.

  • Name Materials Work to Make Required Research Type
    Psychite tea Psychite tea Psychoid leaves 4 000,400 ticks (6.67 secs) Psychoid brewing Drug - Social drug
    4× Psychite tea Psychite tea Psychoid leaves 16 001,600 ticks (26.67 secs) Psychoid brewing Drug - Social drug
    16× Pemmican Pemmican 0.25 Nutrition (meat) + 0.25 Nutrition (vegan) 000,700 ticks (11.67 secs) Pemmican Food - Meal
    64× Pemmican Pemmican 1 Nutrition (meat) + 1 Nutrition (vegan) 002,800 ticks (46.67 secs) Pemmican Food - Meal
    Simple meal Simple meal 0.5 Nutrition (any) 000,300 ticks (5 secs) Food - Meal
    4× Simple meal Simple meal 2 Nutrition (any) 001,200 ticks (20 secs) Food - Meal
    10× Baby food Baby food Content added by the Biotech DLC 0.25 Nutrition (vegetarian) 000,450 ticks (7.5 secs) Food
    40× Baby food Baby food Content added by the Biotech DLC 1 Nutrition (vegetarian) 001,800 ticks (30 secs) Food
  • Burning[edit]

    Burning bills are worked by haulers. All times are scaled by the worktable efficiency of 0.5 and the general labor speed of the hauler performing the bill. In all cases, the item is completely destroyed leaving nothing behind.

    Burn apparel[edit]

    Burn unwanted apparel to completely destroy it.

    — Burn apparel description

    Apparel requires 120 ticks (2 secs) work to burn (modified by the general labor speed of the hauler), regardless of the item or material. Shield belts and smokepop packs cannot be burned (though firefoam pop packs can).

    Burn weapon[edit]

    Burn unwanted weapon to completely destroy it.

    — Burn weapon description

    Weapons require 120 ticks (2 secs) work to burn (modified by the general labor speed of the hauler), regardless of the item or material. Only flammable melee weapons, and ranged weapons made from wood (pila, short bow / recurve bow / greatbow / flamebow Content added by the Biotech DLC), can be burned.

    Burn drugs[edit]

    Burn unwanted drugs to completely destroy them.

    — Burn drugs description

    Drugs require 120 ticks (2 secs) work to burn (modified by the general labor speed of the hauler), but burns in entire stacks.


    Campfires are used by the Drum Party ritual.Content added by the Ideology DLC If a lit campfire is used to start the ritual, the ritual will gain +20% quality, increasing the chance of a positive outcome. At least one drum is required in a twelve tile radius.

    Campfires can also be used for the Skylantern Festival and the Leader Speech rituals.Content added by the Ideology DLC, but there is no quality bonus for these rituals. The campfire must be lit for the skylantern festival, but not for the leader speech.


    Campfires have a wide array of uses. They can heat rooms in cold climates, they can be used to cook food, and they produce light, all before you have access to Electricity. There are multiple alternatives, even before electricity:

    • Fueled stoves cook x2 faster than a campfire, allow access to fine meals and lavish meals, and do not consume wood when not cooking food. They do consume a lot more wood during use. But fueled stoves are more efficient, so long as you have nearby trees to chop.
    • Torch lamps are much more efficient for light, and produce meager amounts of heat.
    • There is no direct alternative for heat before you have electricity. However, you can build your shelter inside a steam geyser, which creates sufficient (if too much) heat on its own.

    The main benefit is that campfires are "all-in-one". If you are burning wood for heat, you might as well use it for cooking and light. Also, they allow cooking without using steel for a fueled stove. Conversely, if you don't need heat and can afford to use a fueled stove, then you can skip a campfire.

    After researching Electricity, Campfires are generally not resource- or work- efficient. A stable power source, heaters, electric stoves, and standing lamps all replace their functions. However, campfires don't require steel or components. Once you do have these supplies, then it is best to upgrade quickly. In the late game, campfires have a minor use, as they can be used as a heating alternative during a solar flare or other power outage.

    Campfires can't be set to a specific temperature, meaning colonists are more likely to receive unhappy moods from being slightly too hot or cold when the room is heated with a campfire instead of a higher tech heater. If it's too hot, you can remove tiles of the roof or hold open doors to let some heat out.


    • You can place campfires near growing zones and/or dining areas, in order to reduce hauling time.
    • It is recommended to have a single gathering spot per colony, in your preferred "recreation area". Toggle off any campfires that don't meet this requirement.
    • Place a campfire under a roof due to the extra fuel consumption from rain; 1 wall and tile of roof are enough.

    Version history[edit]

    • 1.1.0 - Refueling is now toggleable.