Fine meal

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Fine meal

Fine meal

A complex dish assembled with care from a wide selection of ingredients.

Base Stats

Market Value
20 Silver
Stack Limit
0.44 kg
Deterioration Rate
Days To Start Rot
Path Cost


Ingested Direct Thought
Maximum To Ingest


Crafted At
Fueled stove / Electric stove
Skill Required
Cooking 6
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)
Resources to make
0.25 Nutrition (non-vegan) + 0.25 Nutrition (vegan)
Bulk Product Amount
Fine meal

A fine meal is a higher quality meal that requires both meat and vegetables to create.


Fine meals can be cooked at a Fueled stove or Electric stove. A fine meal requires 0.25 units of nutrition from vegan items, 0.25 units of nutrition from meat or animal products -- this is equal to 5 units of raw vegetables and 5 units of meat or an equivalent nutritional yield of animal products. They require 450 ticks (7.5 secs) of work to make, and a Cooking skill of 6.


A fine meal can be eaten by humans or animals for 0.9 nutrition, or 90% of a human's hunger meter. As it takes 0.5 nutrition of raw food to create, fine meals provide 180% nutrition efficiency, equal to simple meals.

Eating a fine meal or its variants gives the +5 Ate fine meal moodlet for 24 hours. This moodlet stacks with the +12 Ate lavish meal from lavish meals. If the meal was made out of insect meat or human meat, their respective moodlets will be applied. If Ideology DLC is active and the meal was made out of raw fungus, its normal moodlet will also be applied.


Fine meals are a quick and easy mood buff if you have some supply of both meat and vegetables. Animals like chickens and cows can produce a continuous stream of edible products. Whenever meat is easy to obtain is highly variable - hunting rats isn't worth it, but a ranching economy could be.

  • Insect meat only gives a −3 moodlet when cooked, which results in a net +2 mood when used for fine meals. If a colonist's ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC prefers insect meat, then fine meals of insect meat provide a great mood buff. If ideoligion permits cannibalism, then human meat can be used to the same effect.
  • Vegetarian fine meals give the same fine meal moodlet without using meat, at the cost of using +50% more food. Many colonies can afford to grow 50% more food; just 1 hour of a grower's time can "upgrade" multiple colonists from simple to vegetarian fine. Using vegetarian meals might take less work than regular fine meals. See vegetarian meal's Analysis section for more details.

Note you can make (vegetarian) fine meals fron the same amount of nutritional value using the regular fine meal recipe without meat see Vegetarian fine meal.

If colonist mood is alright with just simple meals, even during the worst draft conditions (hungry and tired), then fine and lavish meals can be saved for when a colonist is on verge of a mental break.

If a colony is able to reliably harvest a steady yield of animal products or meat, fine meals should be strongly considered. Because they require equal amounts of nutrition from both meat/animal products and vegetables, fine meals can allow a colony to reduce the size of growing zones devoted to crops. These growing zones can be turned to growing haygrass (if the colony relies on ranching) or to producing psychoid plants, smokeleaf plants, or healroot for sale to make money.


Version history[edit]

  • 0.2.363 - Added
  • Beta 19/1.0 - Traders will no longer accept typical short-life meals, including fine meals.