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Social drugs are drugs that are relatively safe to use; they can never cause or contribute to overdose and require a certain amount of tolerance to cause addiction. This categorization is also used to determine acceptability for the Drug use precept.Content added by the Ideology DLC

Ambrosia a.png

A soft, rare fruit. Ambrosia tastes wonderful and produces a subtle mood-increasing chemical high. However, if eaten too often, it can generate a mild addiction.

Beer a.png

The first beverage besides water ever consumed by mankind. Beer can taste good, but its main effect is intoxication. Excessive consumption can lead to alcohol blackouts and, over time, addiction.

Tea a.png

A fragrant tea infused with leaves of the psychoid plant. Drinking it induces a subtle psychite euphoria. This tea is easy to produce at cooking facilities, but can produce psychite addiction if consumed too often.
Many tribes use psychoid tea, both as a daily energizer and as part of social and religious rituals.

Joint a.png

Smokeleaf leaves prepared in small rolls for smoking. The drug improves mood, but also increases appetite, reduces focus and slows movement. Smokeleaf use can produce a dependency.
Joints can be produced at a crafting spot without equipment, and are a fixture in many traditional low-industriousness cultures.