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Tables are one of the two types of furniture necessary for creating a dining room. They come in four sizes:


Gather spot.png

When placed adjacent to a stool, dining chair, or armchair, colonists will eat their meals at the table. This avoids giving them the "Ate without table" bad thought, and gives them good thoughts if your dining room has high impressiveness.

Colonists more than 31 tiles away from a table at the moment they decide to eat something will ignore the table and eat where they stand, suffering a -3 mood hit. Larger colonies may benefit from building a second dining room, or have scattered tables, especially next to a killbox, mining site, or anima treeContent added by the Royalty DLC (unless you want to cut down the tree, suffer a -6 mood penalty for a while until it respawns in a more favorable position).

Tables (and campfires) are set by default as gather spots. Colonists will gather here to socialize for recreation, especially when idle. This should be toggled off on all tables except for the one in a dedicated dining or recreation room. Not toggling can cause people to recreate and have parties in the middle of an ugly, dirty mining site, making everybody unhappy.

The maximum number of diners a table can support at a time is limited only by the number of chairs that can fit around it. Multiple meals can overlap on the same section of table without issue.


Tables can be built from Stuff (Wood/Metals/Stone). Tables can also be bought from traders and found in ruins.


Larger tables are well-suited for use in your primary dining room, while smaller tables are perfect for prison cells to help keep your prisoners happy. All tables function more or less identically, however, and it is perfectly reasonable to choose a table size for purely aesthetic reasons.

If you don't want to build multiple tables, you can stagger the recreation schedule of colonists to make sure they don't take all of the space on a table.

Name Cost Work to build Beauty Market value Seats Mass Max hit points
Table (1x2) Stuff 28 (Metallic/Woody/Stony, 280 for SMVs) 750 ticks (12.5 secs) 0.5 36 Silver 6 5 kg 75
Table (2x2) Stuff 50 (Metallic/Woody/Stony, 500 for SMVs) 1,500 ticks (25 secs) 1 64 Silver 8 10 kg 100
Table (2x4) Stuff 95 (Metallic/Woody/Stony, 950 for SMVs) 3,000 ticks (50 secs) 2 122 Silver 12 20 kg 150
Table (3x3) Stuff 100 (Metallic/Woody/Stony, 1000 for SMVs) 3,300 ticks (55 secs) 2 128 Silver 12 22 kg 175

Version history[edit]

Prior to Beta 18, tables only came in two forms: short table (2x2) and long table (2x4). These were renamed to reflect their actual sizes, and two additional sizes (1x2 and 3x3) were added.