Baby food

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Baby food

Baby food

A bland vegetarian mash. Babies love it, but children and adults will be upset if they're forced to eat it.

Base Stats

Market Value
1.25 Silver
Stack Limit
0.015 kg
Days To Start Rot


Ingested Direct Thought
Maximum To Ingest


Crafted At
Campfire / Electric stove / Fueled stove
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)
Work Speed Stat
Cooking Speed
Resources to make
0.25 Nutrition (vegetarian)
Product Amount
Baby food 10
Bulk Product Amount
Baby food 10

Baby food is a meal added by the Biotech DLC that can be eaten by babies.


Baby food can be cooked at a Campfire, Electric stove, or Fueled stove.

Each batch of 10 requires 0.25 nutrition from non-Hay vegetables and 450 ticks (7.5 secs) of work. Alternatively, baby food can be made in batches of 40 at the cost of 1 nutrition and 1,800 ticks (30 secs) of work. Campfires have a ×50% work speed multiplier; it takes twice as long to cook baby food at a campfire.

It can also be purchased from traders.


Baby food is one of the few foods that are ingestible by babies.

Baby food can be eaten by humans or animals for 0.05 nutrition. This is 5% of an adult human's hunger meter, or 40% of a baby's hunger meter. As it takes 0.25 nutrition of raw food to create 10 units, baby food provides 200% nutrition efficiency.

A child (ages 3 or up) or adult eating baby food gives a −5 Ate baby food moodlet for 1 day. This does not affect pawns with Ascetic trait.


Baby food, milk, and insect jelly are the only food items that a baby can eat. Therefore, one of the three is a necessity if the mother is extremely busy, isn't lactating, is in cryptosleep or dead, or if the baby was formed in a growth vat. Insect jelly requires an infestation, and milk requires maintaining animals, both of which may not always be feasible - forcing baby food to be created. Additionally, both milk and insect jelly have an unavoidable 2% risk of causing food poisoning.

For adults, nutrient paste is more nutritionally efficient and gives a smaller mood debuff, assuming you have the Nutrient Paste research unlocked.

Pawns that are normally unable to cook due to their roles of specialists (shooting specialist, production specialist etc.) but set to 'Child care' in the work tab can cook baby food.


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