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A synthetic combat drug developed for space marines during the early days of interplanetary warfare. Go-juice blocks pain and increases the user's melee and shooting abilities. It also enhances movement speed.

DrugHard Drug
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Base Stats

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Gameplay Overview

Go-Juice is a drug that can be purchased, found on raiders, or manufactured at a drug lab. It acts as a potent stimulant and pain-killer, reducing pain by 90% and boosting consciousness, movement, and sight. It has a significant impact on combat performance due to the mobility improvement, along with the enhancement to sight and consciousness which are vital for shooting accuracy. The high for go-juice lasts 1.875 days from 75% severity (one injection), but can last as long as 2.5 days from 100% severity (multiple injections). One can get addicted to Go-Juice even without any tolerance build up; no injection of Go-juice is without risk of addiction.

Go-Juice's consciousness boost also improves the odds of a doctor successfully performing surgery. This is more useful for the surgeries with less chance to succeed such as carcinoma removal, though is less useful for regular surgeries.

Detailed Effects

  • Improved movement (+30%)
  • Improved sight (+25%)
  • Heightened consciousness (+10%)
  • Minimised pain (x10%)
  • Satisfies rest need (+40%)
  • Chemical joy (+40%)
  • Improved mood (+5)
  • Go-juice tolerance (+4.4%)


Go-juice can be manufactured at a drug lab for 2 neutroamine and 1 Yayo.


If a pawn develops at least a large tolerance to Go-Juice (50% severity), they will get chemical damage in the brain in a mean time of 120 in-game days. This results in a reduced brain function of 50% for that pawn, who will become significantly impaired in all jobs from combat to daily work.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The process of going through Go-Juice withdrawal is nasty, but also shorter than most other withdrawals, with a length of only 25 in-game days (compared to 30 for most hard drugs). The withdrawal symptoms for Go-Juice typically consist of significantly impaired movement, impaired consciousness, blood pumping, and sight, and slightly impaired manipulation. Other symptoms include increased hunger rate, fatigue, massively increased pain, binging, psychotic wandering, and very poor mood. The mood hit is so bad, that one would rather lose their spouse than their go-juice.

Detailed Symptoms

  • Impaired movement (-50%)
  • Impaired consciousness (-20%)
  • Impaired blood pumping (-20%)
  • Impaired sight (-20%)
  • Increased hunger rate (x150%)
  • Increased tiredness (x130%)
  • Increased pain (x300%)
  • Hard drug binges (mtb of 40 days)
  • Psychotic wandering (mtb of 7 days)
  • Awful mood (-35)