Power switch

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Power switch

Power switch

Switches power on/off.

Base Stats

Market Value
61 Silver.png [Note]
1 ˣ 1


Work To Make
200 ticks (3.33 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 15 + Component.png 1
Deconstruct yield
Steel 11

A power switch is used to toggle power of the conduit lines connected to it. It provides an efficient way to control power to several appliances all at once, such as a large array of improvised turrets.

The 'Toggle power' button is used to request the switch to be flipped. A colonist with the 'flick' job type will flip the switch.

To construct a switchable circuit simply place the power switch along a line of conduit between the power source and the appliances. While one of the switch's connectors must connect to conduit to a power source, any or all of the three remaining connectors can be used to create branches. A switch can be placed directly adjacent to a battery or other power source, but the player will probably find it desirable to place the switch close to the appliances it's meant to control. Appliances won't connect directly to a switch, they only connect to conduit.

When the power switch is on the inspect pane displays 'Power: On', and the center of the power switch shows a pale circle.

When the power switch is designated to turn off, the 'Toggle power' button displays a red X.

When the power switch is off , the inspect pane displays 'Power: Off', and the center of the power switch is dark.

When the power switch is designated to turn on, the 'Toggle power' button displays a green check mark.

The power switches main purpose, turning devices off to conserve energy,is considered by many more experienced rimworld players to be redundent, due to the fact if you have a single unpowered wire the same distance from a device as the power line, if you press the "reconnect" button the devices connectuon will switch over to the unpowered wire instantly, and the device can be powered again if you press the reconnect button again. So for experienced players, the power switch preforms a different role, which is to have a backup power storage, to help mitigate the Zzztt... event. The Zzztt... event drains all batteries connected in the given power grid it affects, however if you have a TURNED OFF power switch between the grid that is hit by the event and the backup grid, then the batteries in the backup grid do not lose any power, meaning all thats needed to bring back electricity it to temporarily flip the switch on. Though if you do this, remeber that when your other batteries have recovered, to turn the switch back off.