Terror sculpture

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Terror sculpture

Terror sculpture

A person-sized piece of material sculpted into a threatening form. Slaves who spend time around it will feel terror, which makes them stay suppressed for longer and thus reduces slave rebellions.

Base Stats

7 kg


1 ˣ 1
Cover Effectiveness


Crafted At
Art bench
Work To Make
30,000 ticks (8.33 mins)
Stuff Tags
Metallic, Woody, Stony
Resources to make
Stuff 100

Terror sculpture are a type of sculpture added by the Ideology DLC. It helps keep slaves supressed.


Terror sculptures can be crafted at the art bench. They require Stuff 100 Stuff (Metallic/Woody/Stony) and 30,000 ticks (8.33 mins) of work.


Terror mechanics how? (Aazard answer attempt, research heavy/testing light)

Suppression & Terror, via buildings

Terror Sculptures cause slaves to feel "terror", inside an 6 tile radius, increasing suppression (Aazard: or reducing loss rate??). When enslaving someone their suppression will start at 50 and fall at a rate of -20%/day, at <30% suppression the rate goes down to -10%/day and at <10% it goes down to -5%/day.

The suppression fall rate can be reduced through terror (or through slave apparel and other suppression methods). Pawns gain terror by being near sources of terror and will lose terror once they leave the area. The major sources of terror are skull spikes gibbet cages and terror statues. For skull spikes you'll need to harvest skulls from corpses, for gibbet cages you'll need to put corpses into them. Terror Sculptures allow a terror causing building option, with no skull or corpse requirement.

Radius Of "Terror" Effect: Skull spikes have a range of 4, Gibbet cages (with a fresh corpse) have a range of 2, Terror sculptures have a range of 6.


The terror induced by a terror statue depends on their quality (material used to build it has no effect on terror it causes).

  • Awful to Legendary, % terror induced: 3/6/10/15/20/30/40%.

Terror statues are also quite ugly, normally they have a beauty of ~+/-5, a legendary golden terror sculpture has a whopping 120 (for comparison, a legendary large golden sculpture has a beauty of 3360, or 28x the beauty, at the same materials cost and area used, of 1x1).

Ideally made from the "Stuff-able" option of Jade (Five times the beauty of silver, at approx. 58.5% the market value, in silver), being the only non-small material stuff-able (unlike silver & gold) with a positive beauty value, if normal quality or better. Gold will produce the best results, but at a very low (imho) "Gold used to Effect gained" ratio.

Terror, from all sources, changes the suppression fall rate with:

  • 15% at 25% terror
  • 25% at 50% terror
  • 45% at 100% terror

Material table

  • Material Stuff cost Beauty Work to Build HP Flamma­bility Market Value
    Wooden Terror sculpture 100 Wood -5 021,000 ticks (5.83 mins) 98 100% 00,196,00 Silver
    Granite Terror sculpture 100 Granite blocks -5 180,140 ticks (50.04 mins) 255 0% 00,230,00 Silver
    Limestone Terror sculpture 100 Limestone blocks -5 180,140 ticks (50.04 mins) 233 0% 00,230,00 Silver
    Marble Terror sculpture 100 Marble blocks -4 165,140 ticks (45.87 mins) 180 0% 00,215,00 Silver
    Sandstone Terror sculpture 100 Sandstone blocks -5 150,140 ticks (41.71 mins) 210 0% 00,210,00 Silver
    Slate Terror sculpture 100 Slate blocks -5 180,140 ticks (50.04 mins) 195 0% 00,230,00 Silver
    Jade Terror sculpture 100 Jade 5 150,000 ticks (41.67 mins) 75 0% 00,650,00 Silver
    Golden Terror sculpture 1000 Gold 15 027,000 ticks (7.5 mins) 90 40% 10,095,00 Silver
    Plasteel Terror sculpture 100 Plasteel -5 066,000 ticks (18.33 mins) 420 0% 01,140,00 Silver
    Silver Terror sculpture 1000 Silver 1 030,000 ticks (8.33 mins) 105 40% 01,110,00 Silver
    Steel Terror sculpture 100 Steel -5 030,000 ticks (8.33 mins) 150 40% 00,300,00 Silver
    Uranium Terror sculpture 100 Uranium -5 057,000 ticks (15.83 mins) 375 0% 00,805,00 Silver
  • Assuming Normal quality, for the effect of other qualities, see Quality.


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