Wind turbine

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Wind turbine

Wind turbine

A wind-powered electrical generator. Requires a large clear space in front and behind for optimal air flow.

Base Stats

Market Value
265 Silver.png [Note]
2 ˣ 7
+ 3450W
Cover Effectiveness


Skill Required
Construction 4
Work To Make
3,300 ticks (55 secs)
Resources to make
Steel.png 100 + Component.png 2
Deconstruct yield
Steel 75 Component 1

A wind turbine produces a variable amount of power up to 3450W, based on the current wind speed (for wind conditions see Weather). It works day and night, compared to a solar generator which only works during the day. There is no such thing as wind direction in this game, so orientation of the turbines doesn't matter; they will spin equally well in any direction. Wind turbines complemented by batteries can provide a stable supply of power since there are no wind-related disasters, unlike the solar generator's Eclipse event. A wind turbine's only real drawback is its need for a large open area clear of trees, mountains, buildings, roofs and other tall constructions.

Exclusion Zone

The wind turbine's exclusion zone (7ˣ18 white rectangle) is visible when the turbine is selected; and when placing the wind turbine blueprint. It is vital to the wind turbine's function to keep the exclusion zone free from trees, mountains, buildings, roofs, and other tall constructions. The turbine's information window (inspection pane) will list any obstructions in its exclusion zone. Each tile that has an obstruction reduces the turbine's output by 20%. Solar generators or farming plots (that are not set to grow trees) can be placed in the exclusion zone without blocking the turbine. In fact, this setup is an efficient use of space and prevents wild trees from growing in the obstructing the zone. Another option to prevent trees from growing is to construct some type of flooring there.

The exclusion zone of several turbines may overlap. As long as one turbine itself doesn't end up in the exclusion zone of another, they will work optimally.

Low-lying objects can be placed in the exclusion zone without hindering the turbine's operation. These include (but not limit to) the following:

Version history

  • 0.8.657 - Added
  • Beta 18 - width was increased from 5 to 7 tiles wide.
  • Beta 19 - power generation was buffed by 15%, from max. 3000W.