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Filth is a broad term for any of several types of tile effects, all of which possess unique in-game appearances and negative beauty and cleanliness stats. Filth does not hinder movement, manipulation, or field of view, and can not be picked up. Filth is often spontaneous and unpreventable, with potentially disasterous consequences.

Many colonist tasks are directly impacted by the nearby presence of filth. The cleanliness room stat affects food poisoning, room quality, research speed, medical tend quality, and surgery success chance.

Filth is also a major factor on your colonists' mood. Pawns who have been in a filthy, ugly environment too long will gain a negative thought. Filth can quickly destroy the quality rating of an otherwise fine room, too, depriving your colonists of potential positive thoughts.


Filth is most frequently a problem on hard floors like concrete, wood floor, or rough stone. These hard floor-types accumulate dirt from pawns much faster than natural terrain, like soil or sand. Several types of filth may stack on the same tile at the same time, with cumulative beauty effects.

Some types of filth like "foot-traffic" dirt and colonists' trash are passively emitted periodically. An animal's filth rate determines how often it spontaneously produces animal filth on hard floors. In general, large animals produce a lot of animal filth and should thus be kept off of hard floors using zones. Smaller animals like the husky or cat have filth rates equal to or lower than humans. Straw matting can be used to absorb some animal filth, but it is highly flammable.

When a pawn is moving from terrain to floors, there is a chance for a pawn to track filth along their path for some number of tiles.[Detail needed]


Filth is removed from a tile by colonists assigned to Cleaning or by rain if unroofed. Only filth in the Home area will be cleaned; tiles outside the home area will be ignored.

Limiting the home area of your colony will substantially reduce cleaning demands on your colonists. By default, a home area is automatically designated around new player structures and zones (this setting may be toggled in the lower right corner icon bar). However, home area designation is not automatically removed from an area, even if player structures are removed.

All colonists clean tiles at the same rate regardless of traits or capacities, but some types of floors, like Steel tiles and sterile tiles, are faster to clean than others. Some types of filth, like pawn trash, are faster to clean than others, like bugblood.

Natural terrain does not collect "dirt" from foot traffic, and therefore may be cleaner and more beautiful to use than constructed floor. However, soil tiles are inherently dirty, of neutral beauty, and have a walk speed penalty.

Summary Table[edit]

Certain unsightly objects, i.e. vomit, have one value when under a roof and a lower value when unroofed. This simulates the general disgust of seeing eyesores indoors versus encountering them outside. Some messes can be spread by pawns tracking through them and others can be washed away by rain.

The effect of filth on outdoors beauty is 30% of the effect indoors.

Name Source Beauty (indoors) Beauty (outdoors) Cleanliness Trackable Washes away Work to clean Days to disappear Notes
Amniotic fluid Fluid produced when an animal gives birth -30 -9 -5 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40
Ash Produced after flammables catch fire -20 -7 -5 Check.png Ex.png 70 10 - 15
Animal filth Produced by animals when walking on constructed floors -15 -4 -5 Check.png Check.png 35 45 - 50
Blood From a bleeding human or animal -30 -9 -10 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40
Bugblood From a bleeding insectoid -40 -12 -15 Check.png Check.png 80 35 - 40
Building rubble Debris created by collapsed structures or during mental break -15 -4 -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Chemfuel puddle Flammable puddles created by incendiary weapons. -10 -3 -15 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40 It can be lit on fire, and despawns on its own. 150HP and 2.0 Flammability
Corpse bile From a rotting corpse -50 -15 -20 Check.png Check.png 80 35 - 40
Dirt Produced by humans when walking on constructed floors or rough stone after dirt -15 -4 -5 Check.png Check.png 35 45 - 50
Firefoam Fireproof foam from a firefoam popper -25 -8 -5 Ex.png Check.png 100 5 - 10 Prevents fire from igniting.
Hair Produced by changing hair at a Styling stationContent added by the Ideology DLC -10 ? -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 30 - 40
Rock rubble Debris created by digging into mineral rocks -15 -4 -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Sand Produced by pawns when walking on constructed floors or rough stone after sand -15 -4 -5 Check.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Scattered sandbags Remnants from damaged or destroyed sandbags -15 -4 -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Scattered slag Spawned by crashed ships -15 -4 -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Slime Found after opening a cryptosleep casket or during infestations -25 -8 -5 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40
Pod slime Produced from a completed or rejected cycle in a Biosculpter podContent added by the Ideology DLC -30 -9 -5 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40
Trash Produced by humans when walking on constructed floors -15 -4 -5 Check.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Machine bits Produced from completing the "Shred Mechanoid" bill -10 ? -5 Ex.png Ex.png 35 45 - 50
Vomit Vomit from a human or animal -40 -12 -15 Check.png Check.png 70 35 - 40
Water puddle Produced by Waterskip psycastContent added by the Royalty DLC -10 -3 -5 Check.png Ex.png 30 0.2 - 0.4 Prevents fire from igniting.
Floor drawing Drawn by a childContent added by the Biotech DLC colonist 0 0 0 Check.png Check.png ? ?
Flammable bile Flammable puddles created by the Fire spewContent added by the Biotech DLC ability ? -4 ? Check.png Check.png ? ? It can be lit on fire; has properties similar to chemfuel puddles.
Spent Acid ?   ? ? ? ? ?

Version history[edit]

  • 1.1.0 - Ashes from burned plants and buildings now survive rain and disappear after 10-15 days. They’re also visually larger.
  • 1.2.2753 - Dirt now washes away in rain.
  • Ideology DLC Release - Added pod slime.
  • 1.3.3066 - Rain washes away more filth types. Added an alert which tells the player high filth-producing animals are indoors without straw matting floor type. Indoor rooms with non-water flooring can have animal filth or trash spread on them.
  • Biotech DLC Release - Added floor drawing, spent acid, and flammable bile.