Insect meat

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Insect meat

Insect meat

Raw butchered flesh. If necessary, can be cooked into meals, or even eaten raw. Extremely unappetizing.

Base Stats

FoodRaw food
Market Value
0.5 Silver
0.03 kg
Deterioration Rate
Days To Start Rot


Food Poison Chance


Crafted At
Butcher spot / Butcher table
Work To Make
450 ticks (7.5 secs)
Work Speed Stat
Butchery Speed

Insect meat is a type of meat obtained from butchering insectoids. It is acts as any other meat, but most humans dislike eating it even when cooked into meals.


Insect meat is produced when a cook butchers any insectoid at a butcher table or butcher spot. The amount obtained depends on the Meat Amount of the butchered insectoid, as well as the Butchery Efficiency of the butcher and a number of other factors.

The base yield for each insectoid is as follows:

  • Animal Meat Yield
    Megascarab 31
    Megaspider 168
    Spelopede 112
  • Summary[edit]

    Excluding its mood effects, insect meat acts as any other meat. It can be used alone to produce simple or nutrient paste meals, or combined with other ingredients to produce fine, lavish meals, pemmican and kibble. By default, cooks will not cook with insect meat, but you can make them do so by allowing insect meat in cooking bills.

    Colonists consider insect meat disgusting, and will suffer −6 Ate insect meat mood for 1 day when eaten raw, and −3 Ate cooked insect meat mood for 1 day for eating meals with it. Pawns will also gain the mood effect of the preparation itself - for example, eating it as a nutrient paste meal gives an additional penalty of −4 Ate awful meal mood for 1 day, for −7 mood total.

    The mood penalties from insect meat are negated and replaced with +6 Ate insect meat mood for 1 day or +6 Ate cooked insect meat mood for 1 day respectively, if the eating pawn has an ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC with the "Insect Meat: Loved" precept. This mood buff also stacks with any meal preparation methods.

    Its market value is only Silver 0.5, or 25% of regular meat. However, this has no effect on the market value of any meal you might cook out of it.


    Infestations can result in massive amounts of insect meat. While initially unattractive, it can be of significant value.

    • Colonist food: Eating cooked insect meat is only a −3 moodlet. If desired, you can cook it into a fine meal or carnivore fine meal, resulting in a net gain of +2 mood. It can also be cooked into lavish meals for +9 mood, which is higher than fine meals without insect meat. "Wasted" food from lavish meals doesn't matter if you would've thrown out the insect meat in the first place. This makes insect meat useful if meat, or food in general, is in low supply.
    If the "Insect Meat: Loved"Content added by the Ideology DLC precept is used, then insect meat becomes a no-brainer. With the right set up, colonies can be fed exclusively on insect meat and be ecstatic about it, making it a very powerful tool to control colony mood. There is no functional downside for the Insect Meat: Loved precept and no upside for the Insect Meat: Despised precept.
    • Animal food: Omnivorous and carnivorous animals can eat insect meat or insect corpses without penalty.
    • Kibble Production: Insect meat may be used as the required meat for kibble production and fed to animals without penalty.
    • Chemfuel: When processed in a biofuel refinery, insect meat is treated like any other organic food. Chemfuel can be sold for a profit, used in a chemfuel generator, or consumed in any other way without penalty. At a profit of Silver 45.5 per 1 game-hour, refining insect meat is an efficient way for unskilled pawns to generate income.



    • Note that in the game's code, Insect Meat is referred to as "Meat_MegaSpider".