Subcore softscanner

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Subcore softscanner

Subcore softscanner

A pod with thousands of tiny tissue probes and a high-energy brain scanner. Once a person is inserted, the system uses the probes and scanner to sense a neuro-psychic pattern that it can analog-transfer to a new standard-tier mechanoid subcore. The person will be left temporarily sick, but unharmed.
Subcores are mechanoid brains and producing any mechanoid requires one. Standard-tier subcores produced by this softscanner can only power standard-tier mechanoids.
Higher tier subcores can be created by building a subcore ripscanner.

Base Stats

BuildingBiotech (Buildings)
Market Value
985 Silver [Note]
25 kg


2 × 3
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
150 W


Required Research
Standard mechtech
Skill Required
Construction 5
Work To Make
8,000 ticks (2.22 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 200 + Plasteel 50 + Component 4
Deconstruct yield
Steel 100 + Plasteel 25 + Component 2
Destroy yield
Steel 50 + Plasteel 12 - 13 + Component 1

The subcore softscanner is a building added by the Biotech DLC that allows for the creation of standard subcores by scanning human pawns.


Subcore softscanners can be constructed once the Standard mechtech research project has been completed. They require Steel 200 Steel, Plasteel 50 Plasteel, Component 4 Components, 8,000 ticks (2.22 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 5.


The subcore softscanner takes 150 W of power. Its only purpose is to form a standard subcore, an ingredient used for the gestation of the following mechanoids:

  • Product Ingredients Type [ExpandCollapse]
    Lancer Lancer Steel 75 + Plasteel 75 + Component 4 + Standard subcore 1 Mechanoid
    Pikeman Pikeman Steel 100 + Plasteel 40 + Component 4 + Standard subcore 1 Mechanoid
    Scyther Scyther Steel 75 + Plasteel 75 + Component 4 + Standard subcore 1 Mechanoid
    Scorcher Scorcher Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 80 + Plasteel 32 + Component 3 + Standard subcore 1 Mechanoid
    Tunneler Tunneler Content added by the Biotech DLC Steel 150 + Plasteel 75 + Component 4 + Standard subcore 1 Mechanoid
  • A standard subcore requires Steel 50 Steel and Component 4 Components to create. Then, a human must sit in the scanner for 7,500 ticks (2.08 mins). The person then receives scanning sickness for 240,000 ticks (4 in-game days).[Mechanitor Factor?]


    Prisoners don't do work, so using them for the subcore scanner carries few penalties. Barring that, almost any colonist is suitable, as scanning sickness is not too punishing of a debuff.

    Standard subcores can create a variety of useful mechs, such as the tunneler for mining ore deposits or scyther for general melee combat. Some players may not prefer or need any of the standard subcore mechs, and can safely skip building the softscanner. However, the softscanner is not terribly expensive; you shouldn't hesitate to build one if you desire any of its component mechs.

    Note that every mech that requires a standard subcore is created at a large mech gestator and uses the large mech recharger. These two buildings cost Steel 550 steel and Component 8 components. This is in addition to costs of the softscanner itself and the actual mechs.

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    Version history[edit]

    • Biotech DLC Release - Added.
    • 1.4.3534 - Added more feedback to subcore scanners.
    • 1.4.3541 - Fix: Softcore[sic] scanner tooltip formating.
    • 1.4.3555 - In the 'Completed scan' message sent when subcore scan is cancelled, changed 'cancel load' to 'cancel scan'.