Sleep accelerator

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Sleep accelerator

Sleep accelerator

A bedside device that accelerates the sleeper's circadian rhythm. This speeds up sleep, but consumes a lot of electricity and also causes increased hunger. It must be placed directly adjacent to and facing the head of the bed. Placing more than one sleep accelerator near the same bed has no effect.

Base Stats

Market Value
275 Silver [Note]
20 kg


1 ˣ 1
pass through only
Cover Effectiveness
Terrain Affordance
-400 W


Required Research
Skill Required
Construction 8
Work To Make
6,000 ticks (1.67 mins)
Resources to make
Steel 50 + Component 5
Deconstruct yield
Steel 25 + Component 2 - 3
Destroy yield
Steel 12 - 13 + Component 1 - 2

A Sleep accelerator is miscellaneous building added by the Ideology DLC. It increases the rate at which a pawn sleeps, giving them a longer working day, in exchange for increasing the amount of nutrition they require and consuming power.


Sleep accelerators can be constructed once the Microelectronics research project has been completed. They require Steel 50 Steel, Component 5 Component, 6,000 ticks (1.67 mins) of work, and a Construction skill of 8. Sleep accelerators can only be constructed by colonists with an Ideoligion containing the Transhumanist meme.


Sleep accelerators can be installed to a bed, granting +35% Rest Effectiveness and +20% Hunger Rate Multiplier to the colonist sleeping in it for 400W power. Note that this Rest Effectivenes bonus is applied before the quality multiplier on Rest Effectiveness of the bed, that is the bonus is multiplied by the bed's quality Rest Effectiveness Factor. It is applied after the multiplier from being a bed being made of stone. It takes 50W power when it's not being used.

As noted by the description, the sleep accelerator must be placed adjacent to and facing the head of the targeted bed to have effect. More than one accelerator has no effect. A double or royal bed only requires a single accelerator to affect both pawns.

The following beds can utilize the sleep accelerator: Bed, Bedroll, Double bed, Double bedroll, Hospital bed, Royal bed, Slab bed, Slab double bed.

  • Bed Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
    Rest Effectiveness Bonus +30% +32% +35% +38% +40% +44% +56%
  • Nota bene: As the rest effectiveness bonuses apply to the bed before the bed's quality multiplier is applied, the exact bonus the sleep accelerator applies scales with the bed's quality.


    The power draw is significant and spikes when colonists sleep, so much so that it might be advantageous to set transhumanist pawns to stagger their sleep cycles to even out the load spike or to have them sleep during the day to take advantage of cheap and easily available solar generators without having to use bulk battery storage. Additionally, as only a single accelerator is needed for double beds, preferentially giving them to coupled pawns or purposefully coupling pawns by either manipulating their interactions or with the Word of Love psycast Content added by the Royalty DLC can significantly reduce both the amount of accelerators needed and their power consumption.

    Although consuming massive amounts of power during usage and requiring a pawn to eat more, the accelerator is a good way to increase a pawn's efficiency.

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