Weather controller

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Weather controller

Weather controller

An ultratech device for controlling weather. Using chemicals and exotic fields, it forces the weather into a particular configuration.

Base Stats

BuildingMechanoid cluster


6 × 6
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Destroy yield
Steel 60 + Component 1 + Plasteel 10 + Steel slag chunk 4

Weather controllers are mechanoid cluster and quest condition causers that force a particular weather.


Weather controllers force a specified weather within a 10 world-tile radius. It has no impact on caravans, but settling on a new tile in range will still cause it to be rainy.

Anecdotally, a weather controller inside your colony takes priority over a weather controller from the world map. [Verify]


When outdoors, weather will reduce the accuracy of ranged weapons. In addition, all forms of rain and snow reduce movement speed and give the −3 Soaking Wet moodlet.

Since weather penalizes colonists and all ranged enemies equally, weather controllers are one of the least harmful condition causers. You can leave them indefinitely without much issue. Though, since it slows down colonists working outside, you may want to take out the weather controller eventually.

For killboxes, the accuracy penalty can make a significant difference. However, if both the shooter and the target are under a roof, then they are considered "indoors" for the purposes of weather, no matter what's between the shooter and target.

Melee colonies[edit]

Melee-focused colonies, such as for challenge runs or those relying on trained animals, mechanitorContent added by the Biotech DLC controlled scythers, or ghouls,Content added by the Anomaly DLC can benefit significantly from weather controllers, with it up to halving the DPS of ranged enemies but having no effect on melee DPS. Fog is ideal for this purpose as it has the maximum reduction in ranged accuracy but no accompanying Move speed penalty, allowing your pawns to close the distance as fast as possible.

Power generation[edit]

Weather controllers can significantly benefit power generation. Stormy weather raises both the windspeed floor and the maximum and so increases both the reliability of power generation from wind turbines. At the new maximum, wind turbines produce 3450W - less consistent than, and not quite competitive with, geothermal generators but not limited in location or number by steam geysers. Moderately sized wind farms paired with the correct weather controller can provide sufficient power for even late game power hungry colonies, especially when outfitted with batteries and hidden conduits.

Any forced rain will automatically extinguish fires from lightning, but it is suggested you roof over major walkways and killzones to limit the negative effects.

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