EMI dynamo

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EMI dynamo

EMI dynamo

A massive electromagnetic interference generator. It interferes with or shuts down electrical devices in nearby regions.

Base Stats

BuildingMechanoid cluster


6 × 4
Cover Effectiveness
Blocks Wind
Destroy yield
Steel 60 + Component 1 + Plasteel 10 + Steel slag chunk 4

EMI dynamos are mechanoid cluster buildings and quest condition causers added by the Royalty DLC. Similar to a solar flare, they shut down all electronics, affecting a 10 world-tile radius around them.


Upon activation, EMI dynamos disable all electronic devices, similar to a solar flare. Unlike solar flares, an EMI dynamo will last until destroyed. Wood-fired generators and chemfuel generators will still burn fuel. Buildings which don't require electricity, such as butcher tables, campfires, and mortars, still function as usual. Mechanoids (including the player'sContent added by the Biotech DLC) and hostile mechanoid structures are unaffected by EMI dynamos.

When destroyed, EMI dynamos release an EMP blast with a radius of 10 tiles.

Multiple EMI dynamos affecting a given tile have no extra effect.


EMI dynamos are a major nuisance to any colony with electricity, and possibly a serious danger. On a more immediate scale, electric heaters and coolers cease to function, hydroponics basins and sun lamps will turn off, and turrets (other than mortars) can no longer defend your colony. In general, no electricity means electric workshops like the machining table and hi-tech research bench no longer function. With the Biotech DLC in particular, band nodes will shut down; mechanitors without enough bandwidth run the risk of their mechs going feral.

If you have wood available, then campfires and passive coolers can be used to control temperature in extreme biomes, and insulating apparel like dusters and parkas help a lot. If your colony is reliant on sun lamps, ensure the colony's food supply can be maintained. Building a campfire or fueled stove will allow cooks to continue making meals, though wood is required to operate it.

EMI dynamos should be destroyed as soon as possible. If the dynamo landed as part of a mechanoid cluster, mortars can be used to destroy it from a distance. If spawned as a world map event, it will be defended by a force ranging from a few raiders or manhunting animals to an entire mechanoid cluster. The dynamo itself will always spawn inside a small, square structure near the center of the map. You can destroy the dynamo and then leave through the green border on the world map.