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Hello! This is Harakoni's user page.

You can see my contributions here.

You can compare almost every item in the game here.

I created the following templates:

Template Controlled By Notes/TO-DO
{{Apparel Material Table}} {{Apparel Material Table Row}}
  • Needs an update for exclusions (e.g. uranium coronets and crowns are banned)
  • Needs an update for market value calculations like on the Hood.
{{Building Material Table}} {{Building Material Table Row}}
  • Add terrain affordance
  • Check rounding
  • Add rest effectiveness
  • Check beauty calc on things with beauty (e.g. Chess table)
  • Do general check using bed for example
  • work out how to apply to Barricade/Sandbags and Table
{{Apparel Quality Table}}
{{Weapon Quality Table}}
  • Add the melee quality table to ranged weapons.
{{Weapon DPS Chart}}
{{Weapon Iterated DPS Chart}} {{Template:Weapon DPS Iterator}} ->
{{Weapon Iterated DPS Chart Segment}})
  • Add armor or at least DPS reduction
  • Add minimum range and then add to turrets.
{{Apparel Protection Chart}}
  • Flak and Duster vs Marine
  • add color option so you can have plasteel be teal, devilstrand red etc. See Plate armor for relevant example.
{{nav|materials|wide}} which replaced my other creation {{nav|textiles|wide}}
{{Persona traits}}
Template: Apparel comparison table row
{{Version Nav}}
{{Leather List}}
{{Animal Health Table}}
  • Add all teh bones?
{{Ingredient List}} {{Ingredient List Row}}
  • Check case sensitivity
  • Add item categories
Template:Stonecutting maximization
{{Market Value Calculator}}
{{Daily Tip}}
Template: Tag List Template:Tag List Excluder
Template:Current Version
Template:Required Resources
  • Add simple mode with just icons.
  • Add "s" when using words that should be plural (components) and tthere are more than 1.
  • Add stuff types when the thing detects stuff.
Template: Pawn Table Header Add a header in which you can input a pawn type (e.g. Tribes/Empire/Pirates/Mercenaries etc) and it will output the table nicely for you and provide an edit link for the page.
  • Make it so that muliple tables can be merged? E.g. Pirates + Mercs?
  • Decide on fomratting. Splitting hediffs into their own categories (budget and list of things) and listing apparel like with weapons, and having weapons, apparel and hediffs in expandable sections to cut down on bloat should all help.
Template:Animal Nutrition Table
Template:Grow Table
Template:Comfort Table

I also created the following templates, however they are not intended for wiki-wide use

Template Controlled By
{{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffable|WEAPONNAME}} {{User:Harakoni/MeleeQualityStuffableMaterial|WEAPONNAME|MATERIAL}}
{{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffable|APPARELNAME|CLOTH/METAL}} {{User:Harakoni/ArmorQualityStuffableMaterial|APPARELNAME|MATERIAL}}

Outdated but still maintained for now:

I also contributed code to

I also created the following that are not yet templates but are similar mechanically to the above.

If you have any issue with any of the above, including any instructional or formatting problems, please feel free to ask on my discussions page.

<div><li style="display: inline-table;"> </li><div> {{Q|page|Market Value Base #}}

Hey Harakoni, if you're looking for your mess its here: User:Harakoni/Sandbox



  • style dominance.
  • When 1.3 releases, use the list from the Goodwill folder to add to Factions
  • Version - add a release date property and then have a dated table of versions on Version, it can also be used to update the version nav template
  • Throne rooms have to be roofed.
  • Diffigurement needs to be on the injury page and linkt to from the social page, also the fact that it nullifies beauty traits but not ugly traits should be mentioned.
  • now that production facilities are defined, investigate a good format for listing everything that can be crafted there. Is a simple list, like Template; Ingredient List sufficient? Or should it have a full table with details like on Electric tailor bench?
  • Do animals get Food poisoning from raw foods? Its defined as "FoodPoisonChanceFixedHuman" which implies no and I've never seen it. Needs to be confirmed and integrated into the wiki.
  • Add habitats to animals.
  • Effect of 1 strike from Venom fangs and venom talon - how much does 1 strike cause Toxic buildup and whats the effect on Consciousness i.e. how quickly does it debuff enemies.
  • daysToRotStart
  • Archotech lore page inc archotech body parts.
  • Split Meat into Meat, Insect meat and Human meat. They have different values, effects and images and they should be callable.
  • Wealth management
  • User:Pangaea/Pawn test
  • Circadian_half-cycler#Analysis
  • Pain - Consciousness effect.
  • Social - the opinion tables need updating
  • harvestMinGrowth add to pages? - could be useful for production/time analysis if cutting down early produces more. check.
  • General Labor Speed controls making stone blocks, making chemfuel at a refinery, burning items, tailoring clothes, creating art, smithing armor and weapons or smelting slag. Template:Stonecutting maximization only covers stone cutting atm but could be applied to all these pages if written in a more generic way.
  • Stat skills need to be defined like Capacities - with "Animals Base Value" and "Intellectual Bonus Per Level" as they can have more than one skill (e.g. hunting stealth). They ALL need to changed to fix this.
  • stats should list allowed defect
  • investigate if neural heat dump coma shortened by psy foil helmet
  • packing caravans with fast but otherwise useless animals to improve caravan speed.
  • Change stat table and others to templates to make use of Is Obsolete property (feed it to template, display if not obsolete property != True)
  • Jade has different work to make and work to build stat factors
  • Melee comparison page - add Maximum damage attack (or all attacks?), add cooldown, split material from quality (so you can look at only Plasteel weapons, or only Legendary Weapons).
  • Diseases is a mess of non-standardization - with some information transcluded and other information not. The diseases should be standardized at least,. but really its likely that diseases shouldn't have the information and instead individual pages should be use with only a short summary of each disease on the Diseases page.
  • create attack animal comparison table? With health scale, DPS, training requirements
  • Property:Small Volume exist but isn't displayed anywehre
  • Updating version history up to Version/0.13.1135
  • rewrite all the pages for the psyfocuses to properly reflect their use as such.
  • Combat effectiveness of yayo, adding overdose information
  • Hospital_bed#Version_history is clean. Implement?
  • Animals with wilderness above 10% (meaning all animals aside from farm animals) will have their tameness training degrade eventually
  • Fix frag grenade and add to table.
  • Half the furniture pages are stubs. The pages don't even list the requirements for complex furniture, let along a decent analysis of each thing.
  • Furniture has a manually created table which is likely out of date.
  • Tribal improved foraging vs outlander improved research and the effects on recruiting people of your tech level aren't anywhere I can find on the wiki
  • Partial merge Armor and Clothing into Apparel page, ala Textiles, Leather, Fabric
    • Heat Armor
    • Finish convert of Armor comparison table into row template ala ranged table on Weapons, including steel and plasteel versions of material dependent metal items, include cloth, devilstrand, hyperweave and thrumbofur of cloth items? Maybe bloat. Put cloth items on clothing table only?
    • Create Clothing comparison table
  • Weapon Material Table
  • Make weapon quality table show details for the steel/plasteel on stuffable sharp, and steel/uranium on stuffable blunt
  • Create Melee weapon comparison table, include implant weapons.
  • Fix Wood not counting as a weapon
  • Traits needs an overhaul. A lot of outdated info, a lot of subsidiary info. Investigate "Character Quality" - beautiful adds 40% quality, staggeringly ugly reduces by 40%, wimp reduces by 15% etc
  • Replace all instances of Template:Define with Template:Infobox main
  • Ice Sheet Guide - update, compare with previous edit-warred version, get rid of horrendous coloring,


Ancient terminal Ancient enemy terminal hermetic crate security crate Ancient comms console Ancient unstable fuel node Ancient cryptosleep pod (DISTINCT FROM THE CASKET)

Ancient system rack Ancient equipment blocks Ancient machine Ancient storage cylinder Ancient lamp Ancient bed Ancient display bank Ancient locker bank Ancient crate Ancient barrel Ancient generator Ancient operating table

terror sculpture


small altar medium altar large altar grand altar Ideogram standing darklamp darktorch fungus darktorch sleep accelerator biosculpter pod neural supercharger christmas tree cannibal platter Effigy sacrificial flag Pyre Burnbong incense shrine

gibbet cage Loudspeaker Drum Pew bonsai pot slab bed slab double bed dryad cocoon gaumaker pod autobong

archonexus core grand archotech structure major archotech structure archotech tower

Filths dont need new pages but need to be added:

  • dried blood
  • scattered documents
  • ragged uniform
  • pod slime
  • oil smear

morbid slab (medium) morbid slab (broad) totemic slab (medium) totemic slab (broad) spikecore floor-star (medium) spikecore floor-star (broad) rustic rug (medium) rustic rug (broad) animalist slab (medium) animalist slab (broad)

Inert relics, likely don't need new pages. - chalice, pendant, box, tablet, fragment, hilt, ark

cannibal tribe Nudist tribe cannibal pirate gang


fungal gravel



Someone on /r/RimWorld had the idea of putting how much you get slowed down walking over stuff in the wiki. That's just pathCost in XML, but I'm not sure exactly how it translates to the real world, but... there really only seems to be three or four speeds in use in vanilla. 10-14, 30, 42, and 50. Which is something like "Tiny Furniture / Loose Stuff", "Medium Furniture like Telescopes", "Security Features like Sandbags or other hard to cross stuff like campfires", and "Big furniture like workbenches or pianos."

Fences have a path cost of 80, so that's probably why crossing them is so slow. I think I might have how some of it translates. Sandbag is 42, rock chunk is 42... Path cost of marshy soil is 14, speed is 48%, soft sand also 14, speed also 48% sand path cost is 4, speed is 76% lichen covered soil path cost is 3, speed is 81% soil path cost is 2, speed is 87%

Pages in need of integration

Investigation TODO


  • Investigate AutoWikiBrowser and MsUpload
  • Investigate title cloth requirement tags. Odd behavior noticed by discord user might be explained by how they're set up. It seems a Cape might replace the need for a Formal shirt for Acolytes because its in the tags and covers the torso. Similarly prestige armor might substitute for both the shirt and the vest because again, its listed as an option for both and covers the torso.
  • Investigate Template:RNG
  • InvestigateDoes clothes flammability affect chance to light on fire?
  • Investigate Base Hunger Rate is multiplied by 1.6 for animals for some reason?
  • Investigate Template: Version
  • Investigate Sculptures giving solitary recreation - it is claimed that "legendary sculpture will fill rec meter almost instantly." Needs confirmation.
  • Investigate better tomb rooms for the sarcophagus giving better solitary recreation. Needs confirmation.
  • Investigate sarcophagus giving a mood boost
  • Investigate Pyromaniac mood boost - just incendiary launcher or molotovs as well? Wb inferno cannons or plasmaswords? Add to pages.
  • Investigate if pawns with 0% Hearing can be insulted. Could it be a way to negate the downside of bloodlust on non-social pawns?
  • field hand + elbow blade?
  • Investigate do pawns with 0 Sight "see" corpses?  answer no
  • investigate the damage type of doomsday launchers and how they interact qith armor
  • Investigate EMI Dynamo destruction causing unconsciousness brain implanted pawns
  • Investigate animal haulers not triggering proximity activators for mortar shell plant
  • Investigate EMP shells having a larger explosion radius when exploding on ground than when fired.
  • Investigate effect of emp and mortars (on top of and next to) on broadshield packs
  • Investigate Using beckon not waking mech clusters.
  • Investigate if beautiful colonists get better trade prices, and ugly colonists get bad trade prices.
  • Investigate why End tables don't inherit the ability to eat on them from TableBase, is it because they lack the <compClass>CompGatherSpot</compClass>?
  • Investigate Injury implies that beds add heal rate, This needs better investigation and integration with pages such as Hospital bed. It also implies a use for Animal beds - namely that it helps animals heal faster.
  • Investigate AP mechanics for Armor - it appears that damageDef.armorCategory.armorRatingStat is set only once, at the start, and thus even if the first layer mitigates the damage and changes the damage type from sharp to blunt, it continues to use the Sharp armor ratings of lower layers. i.e. if the damage is sharp, and a duster mitigates the damage, halving it and changing it to blunt, the flak vest still uses the 100% sharp armor rating when performing its penetration checks. This is important as it makes layers significantly better. Thick armor mod author mentions this on the mod page
  • Investigate if the table on Long range mineral scanner is incorrect - the code at RimWorld\Data\Core\Defs\Sites\Parts\PreciousLump.xml seems to imply that the the produce should have a totalValueRange between 3500 silver and 5000 silver. If that is the case, the values for several BUT NOT ALL of the entries are currently wrong.


  • Diversify page formatting from Acquisition and Analysis to Acquisition, Summary and Analysis where summary is used to describe the facts of the thing seperate to the analysis ofr the thing. E.g. Phoenix armor - Summary: its armor, it covers this area, it reduces a pawns falmmabiltiy. Anaylsis - Its potentitally the best armor in the game due to capping sharp etc.
  • Damage Types needs in-depth analysis and extrapolation.
  • RimWorld Wiki:To-do Versions need to be integrated and the lists deleted as you go.
  • Bring everything under the same Into; Acquisition; Analysis; Tables; Trivia; Version History; format
  • Talk:Cover_List

Mental breaks

Old sprites


  • Finish updating textiles:





  • Hediffs should be in an expandable section to prevent table bloat, likely in their own section.
  • Available apparel like weapons has
  • Traits sortable? Probs not

Infobox Updates

Template: Infobox main is in need of some TLC.

  • mechanoids should have their shred returns mentioned in their infoboxc like butchery.
  • Searhc in stuff tags " " + <stuff tags> = the first word will always start at 1 not 0?
  • |imagesize = 192px
  • Terrain affordance needed!
  • Implement Ingredient List but for stuffable - i.e. this list of items is stuffable with metallics, this one with stony etc. and then link each metal, stone, wood etc to their respecitve type.
  • General clean up cleanup. Weapons especially.
  • Animal DPS doesn't take into account the chanceFactor - e.g. Wargs.
  • To add
    • 5th and 6th attack for animals - scythers have left and right cut and stab AND a head but.
    • Add stack size to allow for subsuming the role of define.
    • Add Research requirement to infobox?
      • Add research and resources and crafting skill required to info box main, then make a template to automatically make that information show up in acquisition. Additionally the Research page can have lists of everything that the research unlocks
    • Automatically add types to categories?
    • Scale image with the size ingame? As in if its 3x2 in game, scale it so that its 3x larger than a normal image? Might be a way to stndarzie on an image szie
    • Move speed penalty for Armor?
  • How should we handle extra effects of weapons - EMP damage on Zeushammer, Fire on Plasmasword, Toxic Buildup on Venom Fangs/Talons and how should we display them on tables without messing with automated math. Should we just add new "special damage", "special damage type" and "special damage DPS" categories to infobox? Or is that bloating and already full infobox? Should it just be in the article? Then automated comparison tables won't display it.
  • Template talk:Infobox main STDT tables don't play nice with infoboxes. Wikitables do. Why? How fix? Fix. Jimyoda is working on it.
    • There is a partial fix with the use of the external tags, but its still not ideal
    • The difference seems to be in how the "table" and "wikitable" classes are defined.
    • Table seems to be defined at MediaWiki:Common.css but I can't find any definition anywhere for wikitable to compare.

Feed back Needed!(If you're reading this, please weigh in)

  • Should tables for ranged weapons blank Accuracy and DPS on ranges the weapons can't reach? Just DPS? The range stat IS displayed in game, despite the weapon never using it. We could split the difference and have Accuracy displayed but DPS not. This would allow easy comparisons with things like Weapons#Ranged Weapons without having to check the range for each weapon. Instead you can just sort by the DPS value.
I'd prefer it if the values were not even there. Effective DPS is 0 anyway and it's obvious at first glance that the weapon is useless at that range. Same goes for accuracy. If it's an issue that sorting would become less useful... that's a different story. Can't judge that until I see it in action. Dr. Strangelove (talk) 15:36, 2 March 2021 (UTC)
  • Finding information on natural walls is current unintuitive or outright unavaialbe. Atm I've created a secion on the Structures page but this is not great - while it puts it next to the other walls, its not an intuitive place to find that information. This is largely because of the intial structure of the wiki to match the menu structure. This is causing issues with things such as where to place uncraftable items such as Vanometric power cells. But back on topic:
    • Should we create pages for each Ore and Natural wall types
    • Should we create superpages for each stone type? With the stats for the wall, blocks and stone chunk all on one pahe
    • SHould we create an "ores" or "natural walls" page?
    • Should we abandon the menu-inspired nav structure? (Ultimately likely to be better, but a massive project)