Archite capsule

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Archite capsule

Archite capsule

A small capsule containing archites - microscopic machines produced by a superintelligent archotech. These devices are capable of physical and psychic feats which seem impossible to human scientists. As with all archotechnology, no human can create one. We can only try to scavenge the ones that archotechs create for their own unfathomable reasons.

This capsule is useless by itself, but it can be spent at a gene assembler to create a new archite-powered xenogerm. This requires researching archogenetics and a genepack that contains an archite gene. Archite genepacks can be obtained from traders.

Base Stats

Exotic item
Market Value
700 Silver
Stack Limit
0.5 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost

Archite capsules are exotic resources that are spent when adding archite genes to a xenogerm.


Like all archotechnology, archite capsules cannot be crafted. Instead, they can only be acquired through trade with tradeships, caravans, and faction bases, or as a reward for performing quests. Exotic goods traders will usually carry a few[Detail].

Number of Capsules per Trader
Base Caravan Visitor Orbital
Neolithic Can't sell Can't sell Can't sell
Outlander -1 to 2 (25% chance of 1, 25% chance of 2, 50% chance of 0) -8 to 1 (10% chance of having 1) Can't sell 50% of 1, 50% of 2


Archite capsules are necessary for applying archite genes to a xenogerm. These genes each have an archite capsule cost, denoted by the Archite Capsules symbol. Archite capsules will be loaded into the gene assembler before recombination begins, and will be consumed by the process.

In order for the archite capsule to be used by the gene assembler, make sure to have a genepack with archite metabolism requirements. Then have the archite capsules put into the same room as the gene assembler with a stockpile zone for the capsules. The gene assembler will then recognize the archite capsules and use them when you make your genepack. One of the colonists will load the gene assembler with the archite capsules and your main research colonist will make the progress time move faster.

Archite capsules are safe from deterioration, and cannot be burned. However, they can still be stolen, smashed, or blown up.


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