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A small capsule containing a package of genetic information. To use a genepack, it must be placed in a gene bank near a gene assembler and combined into an implantable xenogerm. If not kept in a powered gene bank, this genepack will slowly deteriorate.

Base Stats

Exotic Items
Tech Level
Market Value
100 Silver
0.5 kg

Genepacks are used for storing xenogenes. An essential part of a genetics laboratory, they are useless on their own.


Despite "full gene combination" being an ultratech technology, they are acquirable in an early-industrial colony. See research for details.

Genepacks are produced by placing any xenohuman into a gene extractor. The resulting genepack will randomly contain between 1 and 4 of the subject's genes. They can also be acquired from traders and as quest rewards.

Genepacks purchased from traders or earned from quests may contain exactly one archite gene. The archite gene will always generate with 1 or 2 random xenogenes, making it impossible to acquire an isolated archite gene.

Generated genepacks will always have one of these configurations:

  • 1 Xenogene, 66% chance
  • 2 Xenogenes, 20% chance
  • 3 Xenogenes, 5% chance
  • 4 Xenogenes, 2% chance
  • 1 Archite, 1 Xenogene, 5% chance
  • 1 Archite, 2 Xenogenes, 2% chance


Gizmo to toggle genepack loading

Genepacks each contain between 1 and 4 genes, as shown by the number of blue bars on the texture. They will constantly deteriorate at a rate of 5/day, even while on a shelf, unless placed in a gene bank, in a pawn's inventory, on a caravan, in a transport pod, in a shuttle, or similar. Genepacks have an auto load toggle displayed when selected. When off, the genepack will not be taken to a gene bank.

Players can sell genepacks currently inside gene banks. The bank must be within the beacon's radius for trading with ships. Genepacks have a base market value of $100. This is then altered based on two additional factors: the number of genes inside the pack (more genes actually reduce the final market value), and the specific genes (some, like Fire Spew, are worth more money).
1 gene: x300%, 2 genes: x250%, 3 genes: x200%, 4 genes: x150%

While inside a gene bank, the genes contained in a genepack will be accessible for recombination through a connected gene assembler. The genepacks are not consumed in the process.
Choosing what genes to add to a xenogerm is done on a genepack-by-genepack basis: you can't add only some of the genes inside a given pack. This gives single-gene packs an advantage in flexibility.

You cannot alter the amount of genes in a genepack in any way.

Genepacks always contain xenogenes, even if they were extracted from somebody with exotic germline genes.


Without a gene bank, genepacks will normally deteriorate. It takes 20 days[Verify] for a genepack's health to fully deplete. Therefore, acquiring genes too soon before researching and constructing the necessary facilities can be problematic. Note that genepacks kept in the inventory of a caravan will also not deteriorate.


Version history[edit]

  • Biotech DLC Release - Added
  • 1.4.3541 - Fix: Empty genepacks can be extracted.
  • 1.4.3555 - Players can sell genepacks currently inside gene banks. The bank must be within the beacon's radius for trading with ships. Identical genepacks can stack in the trade dialog. Increased frequency of genepacks in quest rewards. Added an auto load toggle for genepacks. When off, the genepack will not be taken to a gene bank.