Detoxifier kidney

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Detoxifier kidney

Detoxifier kidney

An advanced artificial kidney. Using a series of nanofilters, it can rapidly remove a vast range of toxins from the blood, making it effective against environmental toxins, venoms, and injected poisons.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Tech Level
Market Value
1080 Silver
1 kg


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Toxin filtration
Skill Required
Crafting 8
Work To Make
26,000 ticks (7.22 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel 15 + Advanced component 2
TechHediff, Bionic

The detoxifier kidney is an artificial body part added by the Biotech DLC that replaces a human kidney and provides enhanced blood filtration and toxic resistance.


Detoxifier kidneys can be crafted at a Fabrication bench once the Toxin filtration research project has been completed. They require Plasteel 15 Plasteel, Advanced component 2 Advanced components, 26,000 ticks (7.22 mins) of work, and a Crafting skill of 8.


Body part[edit]

A detoxifier kidney replaces the user's organic kidney. The detoxifier kidney has a part efficiency of 110%. This not only fully replaces the functionality of a normal kidney - when coupled with the kidney body part having a Blood filtration importance of 50%, it results in an increase in blood filtration of +5% over natural per kidney replaced. Blood filtration, in turn, improves Immunity Gain Speed by +2.5%.

By installing a detoxifier kidney, the pawn's natural kidney, if perfectly healthy, is harvested without a penalty. This organic kidney can then be sold or stored for later use. A detoxifier kidney prevents installation of implants into the kidney, namely the immunoenhancer.Content added by the Royalty DLC

Other effects[edit]

A detoxifier kidney increases Toxic Resistance by +50%. This reduces the amount of toxic buildup from all sources by 50%. Replacing both kidneys stacks to the maximum of +100% resistance. Detoxifier kidneys are also immune to chemical damage from sources such as yayo, and will cure it if the damaged kidney is replaced.


Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 5.

Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and has no Medical skill requirements.

If the operation fails, the part will be destroyed.


Detoxifier kidneys are craftable, meaning they can replace a damaged or destroyed Kidney when there are no prisoners to harvest from, if your colony's ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC prevents organ harvesting, and if you cannot purchase organic kidneys from trading. They also prevent chemical damage from excessive psychite usage.

Detoxifier kidneys compete with detoxifier lungs and immunoenhancersContent added by the Royalty DLC. The two detoxifier organs heavily overlap in usage, while immunoenhancers cannot be installed with a detoxifier kidney.

Compared to detox lungs[edit]

A pair of detoxifier lungs and a pair of detoxifier kidneys both provide 100% resistance against toxic buildup. The lung instead provides Toxic Environment Resistance, so it protects against rot stink. The lung will stack additively with face masks, for 100% protection with 1 lung and face mask. However, kidneys stack multiplicatively, resulting in 75% protection with 1 kidney and face mask. Unlike the kidney, the lung's Environmental Resistance does not protect against direct toxic attacks, like a cobra's bite or venom-based implantsContent added by the Royalty DLC, but those are rare. Lungs require Plasteel 15 Plasteel, Advanced component 4 Advanced components per lung, 2 more advanced components than a kidney.

Compared to immunoenchancers[edit]

In comparison to the Immunoenhancer,Content added by the Royalty DLC detoxifier kidneys provide −5.5% worse Immunity Gain Speed per part (−11% less for a pair). As detoxifier kidneys increase Blood Filtration instead of directly increasing Immunity Gain Speed, detoxifier kidneys will provide slightly better consciousness in the event that the kidneys become damaged, but they will not increase consciousness above 100%. Detoxifier kidneys are the cheaper option, taking 2 less advanced components each. Detoxifier kidneys will also protect the kidneys from chemical damage from drug overdoses, while immunoenhancers only provide Immunity Gain Speed. These comparisons assume that the pawn in question has an organic kidney. If the pawn's natural kidney is missing (either because it was destroyed, harvested, or previously replaced), a player will first have to acquire an organic replacement (either by harvesting it from a prisoner, purchasing it from trade, or regrowing it with a Healer mech serum) before installing an immunoenhancer, which will add additional time and/or expenses compared to a detoxifier kidney. If the organs must be crafted, the player must also acquire the Techprint for Molecular Analysis in order to craft immunoenhancers, while detoxifier kidneys do not require a techprint.

With two immunoenhancers and two detoxifier lungs, compared to two detoxifier kidneys, a pawn gains +11% more immunity gain speed, +2% additional Moving, and +2% additional rest rate multiplier. However, this will not grant immunity to non-environmental toxic buildup and costs an additional 12 advanced components and almost 900 units of work per pawn. If resources or time are limited, detoxifier kidneys will likely be preferable, as two detoxifier kidneys will provide better Immunity Gain Speed than a single immunoenhancer and better toxic resistance than a single detoxifier lung, for the same number of advanced components as a single one of the other organs. If resources are not a concern, though, the benefits from two immunoenhancers and detoxifier lungs are generally superior to a pair of detoxifier kidneys, as the consciousness difference between an organic kidney and detoxifier kidney with the same amount of damage is only 1%, and overdoses and venomous attacks are fairly uncommon.

Compared to genesContent added by the Biotech DLC[edit]

There are genes for improving both tox resistance and immunity gain speed.

Tox resistance[edit]

The 4 tox resistance genes are:

Tox immunity and Total antitoxic lungs are equivalent to a pair of detox kidneys or lungs respectively, but both also provide tox gas immunity. Their high metabolic cost makes them inferior to detox organs, but if the pawn has the gene from their xenotype (Sanguophages and Wasters), then there is no benefit to installing detox organs.

Tox resistance and Partial antitoxic lungs are equivalent to a single detox kidney or lung respectively. Pairing one detox kidney with tox resistance will result give 100% tox resistance, but the modifier that partial antitoxic lungs gives is multiplied by the kidney bonus, not added, resulting in only 75% overall resistance. For this reason partial antitoxic lungs pairs badly with detox kidneys (but better with detox lungs), meanwhile tox resistance can be situationally useful with kidneys, saving advanced components at the cost of metabolic efficiency and immunity gain speed.

Immunity gain speed[edit]

The 4 immunity genes are:

Perfect and Super immunity both outclass detox kidney's immunity gain speed buff drastically. If they are available they typically make the kidney redundant except if metabolic efficiency is a concern.

Strong immunity, due to its weaker ×110% buff, is more comparable to the +5% buff of a pair of detox kidneys. Using both is typically unnecessary, except in situations with very poor doctoring, or if the pawn is 60 or older and is starting to have reduced base immunity gain. If you do not use both, detoxifier kidneys are generally the better option, as they have no ongoing cost, unlike strong immunity which costs either food or the lost benefit of using a different gene in its place.

Detox kidneys pair very well with weak immunity, especially as a germline gene on impids, mitigating most of the ×90% malus. It still typically isn't worth deliberately putting weak immunity on a pawn who already has detox kidneys, as there are other, less punishing negative metabolism genes. The Immunoenhancer may also be better in this role, if available, as a pair can entirely overpower the gene's effects, not simply reduce it.

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