Bionic tongue

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Bionic tongue

Bionic tongue

An artificial tongue replacement. Made of synthetic smooth-fibers and connected through a neurogel interface, it can match the performance of a natural tongue in speaking, eating, and tasting.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Tech Level
Market Value
565 Silver [Note]


Crafted At
Fabrication bench
Required Research
Bionic replacements
Skill Required
Crafting 8
Work To Make
26,000 ticks (7.22 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel 8 + Advanced component 2
TechHediff, Bionic

A bionic tongue acts as a replacement for a removed tongue. It has 100% part efficiency, perfectly replacing but not exceeding the capabilities of a natural tongue.


Bionic tongues can be crafted at a Fabrication bench once the Bionic replacements research project has been completed. They require Plasteel 8 Plasteel, Advanced component 2 Advanced components, 26,000 ticks (7.22 mins) of work, and a Crafting skill of 8.


Bionic tongues fully replace an organic tongue. Without a tongue, pawns have 0% Talking and are unable to:

  • Initiate or responds to relationship requests, become lovers, or propose marriage
  • Engage in conversations, good or bad.
    • Will not be rebuff or be rebuffed by others
    • Unable to trigger social fights by insulting others
    • Unable to increase opinion of an existing romatic partner
  • Will not try and convert others to their ideoligionContent added by the Ideology DLC.
  • (to be checked): Unable to issue role commands Content added by the Ideology DLC

In addition, a pawn without a tongue is considered disfigured, giving −15 opinion from others. They will also have a −8 Missing tongue mood debuff until the tongue is replaced.


Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, 2x medicine of herbal quality or better, and a Medical skill of 5.

Removing the part requires 2,000 ticks (33.33 secs) of work, 1x medicine of herbal quality or better, and has no Medical skill requirements.

If the operation fails, the part will be destroyed.


The tongue itself cannot be damaged in unmodded RimWorld, except for the explicit surgery option to remove it. As a bionic tongue has the same stats as a regular tongue, installing one on a healthy pawn serves no physical purpose. If Ideology DLC is installed, the biosculpter pod Content added by the Ideology DLC can be used to restore the tongue at the cost of Glitterworld medicine 2 instead. Otherwise, only the rare healer mech serums can fix it.

Replacing a missing tongue may not be necessary at all, however. While very important on any pawn that uses their talking stat (wardening, trading, taming), other pawns face a tradeoff. It removes all negative conversations, which can help with traits like Abrasive, but removes relationship penalties. Note that the healer mech serum can heal an missing tongue in place of other ailments.

Body modders and transhumanists Content added by the Ideology DLC will be happier when using any artificial body part. Among the core RimWorld artificial parts that don't have any downsides, bionic tongues require the fewest advanced components. This should be compared to dentures and cochlear implants, which only gives a penalty to jobs using the Social or Animals skills. With the Royalty DLC, Venom fangs Content added by the Royalty DLC, knee spikes Content added by the Royalty DLC, and elbow blades Content added by the Royalty DLC can provide a similar benefit without requiring advanced components.

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