Bionic heart

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Bionic heart

Bionic heart

An advanced artificial heart. It has synthetic muscle fibers for a realistic heartbeat, plus a high-flow pump for rapid circulation during high stress. It is better than a biological heart in almost every way.

Base Stats

Medical ItemsBody Parts
Market Value
1030 Silver.png
4 kg


Crafted At
Component assembly bench.png
Required Research
Bionic replacements
Skill Required
Crafting 8
Work To Make
26,000 ticks (7.22 mins)
Resources to make
Plasteel.png 15 + Advanced component.png 4
TechHediff, Bionic

The bionic heart is an organ replacement that replaces the Heart and improves Blood pumping and several dependent stats.


The bionic heart can be crafted at a Fabrication bench after Bionic Replacements has been researched. It requires Plasteel 15 plasteel and Advanced component 4 advanced components. They require a crafting skill of 8.

It can also be purchased from Outlander settlements, some caravans, exotic goods and Empire orbital traders or offered as a quest reward.


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Installing the part requires 2,500 ticks (41.67 secs) of work, ?x medicine of ?? quality or better, and a Medical skill of 5.

Removing the part requires ? of work, ?x medicine of ?? quality or better, and a Medical skill of ?.

If the operation fails, the part has a chance[What Chance?] to be destroyed.


It has 125% efficiency, improving blood pumping, which in turn slightly improves moving by about 5%. This gain is a multiplier rather than a flat improvement - other buffs to movement speed such as bionic legs or being affected by certain drugs will also be multiplied for an even larger increase. The bionic heart also improves the rest rate multiplier by about 8%.

By installing a bionic heart, the pawn's natural heart is harvested without a penalty, as the bionic heart is superior. This organic heart can then be sold or stored for later use.

Like bionic stomachs, bionic hearts are of less obvious importance than bionic legs, arms or eyes due to having lower bonuses. However, the improved rest effectiveness, though small, will improve the productivity of a colonist, allowing them to do more work each day. Over time, this can really add up. Likewise, the movement speed boost can make a difference when fleeing animals or mechanoids or in caravans.

The bionic heart also stops and prevents heart attacks, which makes it very useful for drug-users or old people, especially if they have an artery blockage.

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