Herbal medicine

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Herbal medicine

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A pack of herbal concoctions typically extracted from the healroot plant. It is less potent than industrial pharmaceuticals, but much better than nothing.

Medical ItemMedicine
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Days To Start Rot
Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Medical Potency

Stat Modifiers

Herbal medicine is an organic medicine used in doctoring to improve the results of medical treatment over not using medicine at all, but is significantly less effective than medicine and glitterworld medicine. In addition, herbal medicine will spoil in 150 days, or 2.5 years, if not refrigerated. See Temperature for details


Herbal medicine can be harvested from healroot and wild healroot, purchased from neolithic traders, or found on Tribal pawns.


Herbal medicine is a cost-efficient choice for treating injuries or minor illness, where its maximun tend quality of 70% will suffice. It also combines well with the tend quality offset of hospital beds, which allow tending results above this normal maximum. If a sick colonist's immunity is sufficiently far ahead of the disease progress, herbal medicine can be used in place of better medicine.

Under most circumstances it is not practical to use herbal medicine for surgery, as a 60% medical potency means surgery has a greater chance to fail, unless using your most enhanced doctors.

Herbal medicine can be used to make medicine when combined with cloth and neutroamine at a drug lab, which requires somebody who has at least 4 intellectual and 4 crafting in order to do.

Version History

  • 0.8.657 - Added
  • Beta 19/1.0 - now has a limit to maximum tend quality.