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An installed denture.

Base Stats

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Dentures are an artificial body part that replaces a pawn's jaw. Dentures have 80% efficiency leading to reduced Talking and Eating efficiency on colonists that have them.


Unlike most other prostheses, dentures don't have a separate item form. Instead, they only exist as a condition applied to a pawn. They require no material other than the medicine used in the operation. Simply order the surgical operation on a pawn to install them and the condition will be applied.


Dentures replace the user's entire jaw. Dentures have a part efficiency of 80%. This partially replaces the functionality of a jaw - when coupled with the jaw body part having a Talking importance of 100% and an Eating importance of 90%, it results in restoring 64% Talking and 72% Eating and, or a loss of −36% Talking and −28% Eating when replacing a healthy jaw.

These capacities, in turn, affects the following stats: Eating Speed, Tame Animal Chance, Trade Price Improvement, Social Impact, Negotiation Ability, Conversion Power, Train Animal Chance. The Eating loss results in in a 19% reduction in Eating Speed. The end result of the Talking loss depends on the skill.

Installing dentures results in −19% character quality and thus a 19% reduction in the affected individual's pawn value.

As an artificial part, dentures will give a mood buff to anyone with the Body modder trait, and a mood penalty to anyone with the Body purist trait.


Installing the part requires 1,500 ticks (25 secs) of work, 2x medicine of ?? quality or better, and a Medical skill of 3.

Removing the part requires ? of work, ?x medicine of ?? quality or better, and a Medical skill of ?.

If the operation fails, the part has a chance[What Chance?] to be destroyed.


Short of a healer mech serum, there is no other way to repair a missing or shattered jaw. Thus, dentures should be installed on any colonist with that issue.

Dentures are also useful for Body modders. Outside of Social oriented colonists, dentures only incur a minor Eating penalty, and they can be installed without any research. This is often worth the positive moodlet, going from -4 to +4 if the body modder had no other artificial parts. However, a denture's debuff will be permanent unless a healer mech serum is applied (apply the serum after removing the denture).

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