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Pain is a pawn capacity: How much pain a person feels.

Most biological creatures including colonists, raiders, and animals feel pain caused by injuries. A pawn's pain level ranges from 0% to 100% and is displayed on their Health tab's Overview. Pain levels are None, Little, Moderate, Severe, and Extreme.[Detail Needed] Even a little pain causes unhappy thoughts. Once pain passes 10%, it'll start to have an effect on consciousness. If a pawn's pain level meets or exceeds their Pain Shock Threshold they'll go into shock, unable to move. Pawns with the Wimp trait will be incapacitated with only minor pain of 30%.

Most pain is temporary, but scars and certain diseases can cause long-term pain. A painstopper implant or the Painblock psycast Content added by the Royalty DLC will get rid of all a colonist's pain and negate any pain-related mood penalties. Note that colonists with the Masochist trait or an ideoligion with the Pain: Idealized preceptContent added by the Ideology DLC get a mood bonus from pain instead of a penalty, so it's usually better to leave them alone.

Injuries to the artificial parts do not cause any pain, so colonists with a lot of bionics will generally incur less pain during combat.


Pain for a given pawn is the sum of the pain from each individual injury, with two extra steps at the end:

  • pain = pain / healthFactor for pawns with a healthFactor other than 1.0 (like grizzly bears and other large animals). Humans have a healthFactor of 1.0, so this doesn't impact humans
  • pain = pain * painFactor from health conditions which alter pain. This includes pain-reducing drugs like flake and yayo as well as anesthetic used during operations

Pain from an individual injury is the product of the severity of the injury (the number of HP missing for things like cuts and burns) and the pain per severity for the injury type. For example:

  • 30 burn damage causes 30 damage × 0.01875 pain per severity = 56.25% pain
  • 30 cut damage causes 30 damage × 0.0125 pain per severity = 37.5% pain

For the complete table of pain vs damage, see Health Difficulties


Pain creates moodlets of different values at 4 stages depending on pain severity.

Level Required Pain % Mood Penalty
Mood Buff
Mood Buff
(Pain:IdealizedContent added by the Ideology DLC)
Minor 1% −5 +5 +3
Serious 15% −10 +10 +5
Intense 40% −15 +15 +7
Mind-shattering 80% −20 +20 +9

A standard pawn will go down upon reaching mind-shattering pain.
Pain inflicts a consciousness penalty that scales with the pain percentage after exceeding 10%. It conforms to the following equation: IF Pain[%] <= 10% THEN -0% ELSE -{(Pain-0.1)/2.25}[%] For example, 15% pain is 0.15 - 0.1 = 0.05 / 2.25 = 0.02 or 2% consciousness loss.



Base factors[edit]

Factors cause the game code to MULTIPLY pain X a number. Small numbers reduce pain a lot. Large numbers reduce pain a little.


Offsets cause the game code to ADD OR SUBTRACT a number from the pawn's pain. Small numbers are less effective at reducing pain than large numbers. However, if the pawn only has a small amount of pain, an equally small offset will be totally effective at removing all pain. Positive numbers add pain. Negative numbers reduce pain.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.6.532 - Added. Pain level is tracked. A character in too much pain will become incapacitated.
  • 0.10.785 - Pain now creates unhappiness.