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Blood rot is a long-lasting disease that can be fatal if untreated.

Unlike other diseases, it doesn't appear on its own, but rather only appears as part of quests if you have the Royalty DLC installed.


These are the following stages in which blood rot will progress through, and the effects it has on the victim:

Stage Begins at Symptoms
Blood rot (minor) 0 - 0.59 severity
Blood rot (major) 0.6 - 0.84 severity
  • -10% Blood pumping
  • -10% Blood filtration
  • Vomiting on average every 1.5 days
Blood rot (Extreme) 0.85 - 0.99 severity
  • +5% Pain
  • -15% Blood pumping
  • -15% Blood filtration
  • Vomiting on average every 0.75 days
Blood rot (Extreme) 1.00 severity
  • Death


  • Severity increases by 0.4 per day.
  • Treatment slows progression by a maximum of 1 per day.
    • This means the disease will regress by 0.6 per day at 100% tend quality.
    • Progression will stop at 40% tend quality or higher.
    • Note that good treatment will not cause the disease to go away on its own.

The disease resolves after 30-40 days, independent of the patient's immune functioning.


Treatment can be done using medicine which suppresses the disease, preventing it from reaching fatal stages. Pawns do not need to rest, as no immunity is gained.

A tend quality of 40% or higher is required to prevent the disease from progressing at all. With a good enough doctor, high quality hospital bed, and a well-lit sterile room, it is possible to reach average 40% tend quality even without medicine. Herbal medicine can be used if you don't have a good hospital setup yet, or if you need to reverse existing progression.

An immediate cure is expensive, requiring 10 glitterworld medicine and a doctor with medical skill 5 or above, or a healer mech serum.

Version history[edit]

  • 1.1 - Added at some point in 1.1.
  • 1.1.2654 - Disease removed from the basegame and added to the Royalty DLC. Previously it was fully functional in Core, but did not appear in regular, unmodded gameplay unless Royalty was enabled. Reduce blood rot severity per day gain from 60% to 40%.