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Fibrous Mechanites is a mechanite disease that dramatically boosts a pawn's efficiency, but brings pain and tiredness. This disease does not kill the patient.


Fibrous Mechanites give massive boosts to various stats, but also give a large modifier to Sleep Fall Rate. The pain's Consciousness reduction will slightly reduce a pawn's actual effectiveness, and gives negative moodlets to most colonists. However, this "disease" remains a net positive, if you can handle the sleep.

Treatment does not cure the disease, it only prevents the pain from worsening. The mechanites will only be cured with time, and will remain for the same length regardless of what you do.

Note that the pain will incapacitate pawns with the Wimp trait. You can install the painstopper implant, inject them with Go-juice, or use the Painblock psycastContent added by the Royalty DLC to negate the pain, making them mobile.


Stage Severity Symptoms
Mild 0 - 0.49
Intense 0.5 - 1

Note: The second stage is only an increase in pain, there is no additional stat boosts over early stages


Severity increases when left untended, and slows or regresses once tended.

  • Minor - Severity: 0 - 0.49
  • Major - Severity: 0.5 - 1


  • Severity increases by 0.25 per day when not tended
  • Severity decreases by up to 100% per day when tended; actual rate depends on treatment quality


The only cure for this disease is time; it will fade in 1-2 quadrums.

Treatment can be applied every 48 ingame hours (2 days, or 120,000 ticks (33.33 mins)). Treatment will slow progression or prevent pain from increasing, but will not reduce the duration or positive boosts.

Because of the long duration of this disease and the need for frequent treatment, this can place a long-term strain on medical supplies. Planting healroot or making other long term plans might be wise at the first sign of this disease.

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