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Global Work Speed is a stat: A multiplier on someone's speed at doing any work. Its minimum allowed value is 30%. Its default value is 100%. It is effectively limited to 531%.


The default value is 100% which is first modified by the offsets and then by the factors.



Light Factor Graph
0% ×0.3
0% to 30%
0.8 + Light × 2 / 3
30% to 100% ×1
Pawns that are Blind, have the Lighting: Darklight preferred precept,Content added by the Ideology DLC or have the Dark vision geneContent added by the Biotech DLC are unaffected by this factor.
Age Factor Graph
4 ×0.2
4 to 12
0.2 + (Age - 4) × 0.3 / 4
12 ×0.8
12 to 18
0.8 + (Age - 12) × 0.2 / 6
18 ×1


The following stats are scaled directly by Global Work Speed

Animal Gather SpeedThe speed at which this person milks, shears, and otherwise gathers resources from animals.
Butchery SpeedSpeed at which this person butchers flesh creatures.
Construction SpeedSpeed at which this person constructs and repairs buildings.
Cooking SpeedThe speed at which this person cooks meals.
Deep Drilling SpeedA speed at which this person uses a deep drill to extract underground resources.
General Labor SpeedThe speed at which this person carries out general labor like making stone blocks, making chemfuel at a refinery, burning items, tailoring clothes, creating art, smithing armor and weapons or smelting slag. This stat applies both to activities that involve no skill, as well as those where the skill affects the quality of the product instead of the speed of production.
Hacking SpeedHow fast this person can hack into computer terminals.
Mechanoid Shredding SpeedThe speed at which this person can shred a mechanoid for resources.
Medical Operation SpeedThe speed at which the character performs medical operations.
Medical Tend SpeedSpeed at which the character tends to wounds and illnesses.
Mining SpeedA speed at which this person mines away walls.
Plant Work SpeedSpeed at which this person sows and harvests plants.
Pruning SpeedA multiplier on how fast this person can prune a Gauranlen tree to maintain their connection with it. Pruning is more of a contemplative psychic task than a physical one, so health factors like vision are unimportant here.
Research SpeedHow fast this person performs research and how quickly they can find things using scanning equipment.
Smelting SpeedThe speed at which this person smelts things. Since smelting is dumb labor, smelting speed is not affected by any skill.
Smoothing SpeedA multiplier on the speed at which this person smooths rough stone floors and walls.

Version history[edit]

  • Beta 18 - Bonus to Global Work Speed from high Mood removed.
  • 1.4.3523 - Fix: Global work speed not applying to pruning speed, hacking speed, medical tend speed and medical operation speed.